In your bag No: 545, Henry Balaszeskul
Henry has the very latest camera and a 75 year old camera in the same bag, and he is only 19! He even carries a pair of shoes apparently. Check out this cool bag from Switzerland.

After I have long been following I have now sometimes took a picture of my pocket your photo series “In your bag.” I am 19 years old live in the city of Basel in Switzerland. Since I’m done with school, I’m on the verge of my passion into a profession. But I soon came to the Analog Photography. The Minolta x700 in the picture belonged to my father and is already 30 years old. But Technically It works like the first day. With the 50mm f/1.4 is my fastest lens.

Now after many applications and wait a long time I work at a regional newspaper. There I get orders every day and am very satisfied. After I the chief of the newspaper my street photos have shown that wanted to build a weekly photo series. And now there are every week a B / W Street photo of me in the newspaper.

My passion is and remains the Street Photography. With the OM-D I’m very happy but as soon as enough money I would upgrade to a Leica M9. I tested this for three days a month ago and I was just overwhelmed.

Recently, a good friend brought me the Leica on the image. He had this from a friend. But we realized very quickly that this was ripped. But I did not believe it.

I reparirte this simply myself and now it works again.

I am very glad that you are still working after 75 years Leica!! :)

Analog I photograph with Kodak Tri-X and develop this myself with my good friend in our laboratory.

Next year I want to study photography in Berlin.

My goal is with my images in the future to make a difference in the World. After graduation I want first of all to a couple of years traveling around to see where I belong. And the streetphotography will certainly play a big role. If there is enough money, I would like to get a Leica M9 and M6 but until then I’m happy with my bag.

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With best regards from Basel
Henry Balaszeskul

Thanks for sharing your cool bag with us Henry. I wish you the best of luck with your photography career.
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