In your bag No: 543, Sam Ingles
Todays bag is fantastic. A really superb shot from young Sam. I hope he has a strong back though, as that Pentax is like carrying a bowling ball around for the day.

Sam Ingles 20 from Worcester, UK. Most of the time I take everything with me, so these are my essentials! I currently use a Peli 1560 and Dakine Reload which both live in the back of my car full time. I work as a Photographer for an agancey called Media52 ( shooting both Digital and Analog (the latter being my favourite of course!) You can follow me on Twitter(@samingles) or check out my blog (

To my essentials;

Sekonic Light meter (I wish I didn’t need it, but I can’t afford to guess)

Utility Knife



Hasselblad 503cx (this is now my third hassy and I’m completely in love!)

Kodak Portra 400 and 160

Pentax 67 converted to Hasselblad mount (this is a life saver, being able to have one set of lens for two bodies/formats)

Contax T2 (this thing is always in my pocket, everywhere I go)

Cigarettes (somethings got to kill you!)

Thank you
Sam Ingles

Thanks for the shot Sam. Though no bag in sight. Knock the tabs on the head and save the money for film, those things cost a fortune.
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