In your bag No: 541, Jake Seliger
Wait, another olympus bag…this is getting to be a trend or something. Jake brings us his digital bag (yes, there is a bag there), with a lovely cura strap on it. Check it out.

I don’t have the cool kit or extensive experience that your distinguished contributors do, but nonetheless I carry an OM-D, most often with an Olympus 17mm f 1.8 mounted, along with the Panasonica-Leica 25mm f 1.4 and Olympus 45mm f 1.8. The Cura strap you sell is always attached, and, if I’m going to have the camera ready to go for more than an hour, I augment it with a CustomSLR shoulder strap. But most of the time the wrist strap works best; it’s both beautiful and unobtrusive, like the OM-D itself. I’m also going to buy a flash and perhaps a small LED lighting panel, although I doubt I’ll take the latter with me on a day-to-day basis.

I’m a professional technical writer and very much an amateur photographer, although you can see a few safe-for-work shots on Flickr. I’ve also shot numerous nudes, but under a pseudonym: perhaps you’ve seen my work without knowing it while you’ve been, uh, “browsing” the web. I also write a book and literary blog called The Story’s Story for fun, and I contribute to Grant Writing Confidential.

Oh, and the bag in the background is from Crumpler. Small and simple. Not sure if I’m going to keep it or try another; a ThinkTank Mirrorless bag might suit me better. Nonetheless I like being able to chuck this bag into a backpack or messenger bag, or being able to use it on its own. The goal of the whole kit is to be small, light, and fade into the background, especially when shooting nudes. I was using an APS-C camera previously and thought about going full-frame, but the costs are high and the advantages not that relevant for the things I like to shoot.

Jake Seliger

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jake. I am glad you like the strap, it looks great.
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