In your bag No: 533, Jes Roger Petersen
Another day and another great bag. I love seeing what is new each day, and today is no exception. Jes brings us a great Nikon heavy setup. He has been through a whole range of film cameras to get to here, I just wish we could see them too. Check it out.

My name is Jes Roger Petersen, I live in Denmark, near Copenhagen.

I shoot mainly street/urban, fine art nude and headshots.

My first camera was a beat up black Nikkormat Ftn with a 24 mm f:2.8 Nikkor and a 85mm f:1.8 Nikkor – that was in the late seventies I think, and I did a lot of darkroom work etc.

But fast forward through Nikon FE, FM, F801s, FM2 to 2005 where I bought the Nikon D70s with a kit lens. After that it has been only digital. Then it was a Nikon D300, short period with a D7000 and now it’s Nikon D600 and D800.

I sometimes dream of a medium format film camera, but I am so happy with the digital workflow and the freedom it gives me, that it probably will stay that way. If I had more money, I would definitely buy some classic analog cameras, just for the pleasure of looking at them.

I have two bags, one small Lowepro backpack and a Domke F2 that I bought on a sale.

Since I am into street photography I normally carry one camera in a Black Rapid strap when I go to and from work and other places. I don’t put it in a bag. Normally I prefer the D600 with either the 50mm or  24-70mm, since it is smaller, lighter and quicker than the D800. I use the Lowepro for other stuff that I need for the trip as well, but rarely put the camera away in it. I love the Black rapid strap – only negative thing is that it takes some space when put in a bag.

I am looking for a big backpack to be able to carry all the stuff when necessary, maybe a Kata.

The big dslr’s are not perfect for street photography, but nevertheless that is what I have used so far. I am thinking about getting a Fujifilm X-something or a Sony NEX 6 – they look nice and small and unobtrusive. My budget is not for Leicas :-)

This is my gallery where I store most of my photos.

There are way too many, so I will make big changes in the near future.

And this is my blog

I find blogging very difficult and time consuming, but I try to stick with it. Hopefully it will get better and more frequent.

This my Google+ acount

This is my proud moment, when I won a photo contest:

All the best


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jes. I love the history of Nikon that you have been through to get where you are. I hope you still have a film camera in your collection somewhere.
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