In your bag No: 524, Erik Klevmir
a lovely bag for a sunday for you all today. Three great cameras and a whole load of passion, Erik shares with us the story of his bag. Come and check it out.

I really appreciate your site and can’t thank you enough for all i have learned from you, as well as all the hours I have wasted poring over others’ bag shots. Every time I look at one, I try to figure out why they interest me so much. I think it has a lot to do with the stories behind the bags and the reasoning that goes into selecting the gear in the picture. Without knowing the person I feel like I get an idea of who the person is. Needless to say I enjoy them and look forward to each new bag shot. Your articles on cameras and their history are always read over and over as well. I’ve likely read the articles about why the M6 is the best camera ever and “Which Leica is Right for You?” enough to memorize them.
On to the bag…

I have a collection of both digital and analog cameras and use them each for different scenarios. I appreciate both mediums for what they are and embrace the limitations of both. The bag shot I’ve sent in today is what is most often with me and are probably my favorite cameras.

The bag is an Incase DSLR Sling Bag, I saw someone with it once and it surprised me when he brought a camera out of it. It has enough space for all the cameras shown, plus a few accessories and can fit an iPad or 11″ laptop as well. I typically just carry the cameras in it as it gets heavier than I’d like with tablets etc. It is extremely comfortable though, and the sling design is great for changing cameras.

I keep my X100 with me at all times, it has replaced my DSLR almost outright. It blows me away how fun this camera is to shoot. I’d love to have the improved AF of the X100s, but knowing that the AF on this isn’t perfect just means I have to have a little more patience with my shots. I have a Gordy’s wrist strap on and an cheap knockoff thumb grip, which makes it a breeze to carry around. I also have a soft release that came from my first SLR which was given to me about 20 years ago (that camera is in another bag). Because of the joy of shooting this camera and the unlimited memory, this camera is always with me and has given me some of my favorite images.

Next is a Canon QL19, I found this at my local camera store. They know I like rangefinders so the saved this from the trash and gave it to me saying that they knew they’d make the cost back in film sales. They were right. I really enjoy this camera, though the rangefinder isn’t as bright as could be. The seals were trashed and brittle, but it hasn’t been an issue yet. I typically run TMax 400 or HP5 through it, but I’ve gotten some Portra recently and have been shooting that. Though it doesn’t have the reputation of is QL17 sibling, I really enjoy shooting this camera.

The biggest camera in the bag is my Hasselblad 500C/M. This camera was my father’s from when I was a child. I remember always looking at this camera as a piece of art, it was heavy and gorgeous, and the viewfinder was amazing. As a teenager I stole this camera from him once because I’d never gotten to shoot it myself. Luckily, he was forgiving with me. Last year he surprised me by giving it to me as an early wedding gift. Since then it has gone nearly everywhere with me. This camera holds a special place with me, and is always a joy to shoot. I was shooting in San Francisco and a person asked how I got the digital screen on top, it took a lot of explaining to show that it was all analog.

Also in the bag is a Sekonic L-308 light meter, my Swissphone fire pager for work, my Kindle Paperwhite, and my iPhone in an ugly but functional LifeProof case. I also usually have one or more rolls of film with me, typically black and white. Today there is TriX 400, Ilford HP5, and some 35mm Portra 400. I usually keep a drawer full in the fridge and just pick from that. Helps to buy in quantity.

That’s about all that is in there, sometimes I add some random junk to the mix depending on the day. I don’t have a huge social media outlet, so there aren’t any links. I gave up on flickr a while back, though they seem to be making some improvements. I am currently working on a website to give myself an outlet and post my projects to, it’s at (I love my LF gear, but it goes into a box, not a bag.. another day). I haven’t done much with it, but I’m hoping to upload more to it soon.

Thanks again for everything,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Erik, quite unusual to see the QL19, most people have the 17. Thanks for all the kinds words, this is what makes me do this.
Check out the link and make sure you come and comment.

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