In your bag No: 523 – Ivan Tan
Ivan is a man who knows what he likes, and he likes to have a KitKat in his bag. A man after my own heart. Not only that, there is a Fujica. Awesome.

My name is Ivan. I live in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I love all kinds of photography and street shooting is something that i’m particularly fond of doing on the weekends.

This is what i’m currently carrying when i’m out shooting. I use a Billingham bag because it doesn’t shout “look at me, i’m a camera bag!”. At times, i would even use it for my office work.

In the bag, you will find a Fujica ST605. I inherited it from my dad. This is the relic that once documented precious memories of me and my family way back in the days. It is armed with a Fujinon 55mm f2.2 lens. I use the Artisan and Artist leather strap on it. Films in the canisters are TRI-X for black and white and Potra 400 for color.

Also, i have a Leica M8 armed with a Voitglander 35mm f1.4 lens. This lens is not uber expensive and very well made in my opinion. I use Gordy’s wrist strap and Match Technical’s Thumbs Up on it. Seriously, with the Thumbs Up, the M body’s handling improved drastically for me.

Some other stuff – air blower, lens cleaning pen, signing pen, extra battery, beat up wallet, car/house keys, business cards and holder, iPhone, Kit Kat and my trusty Hydro Flask insulated water bottle. The ice cubes i rammed inside the bottle with water still went knocking against the wall after nearly 20 hours. Here in Malaysia, the heat is intense. I cannot imagined myself being out there on the streets, shooting without this bottle. It is my elixir.



Thanks for sharing your bag with us Ivan. You are right, a bottle of water is vital in the Asian summer heat. Kuala Lumpur was like walking into an oven for me. Happy shooting.
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