In your bag 496, Thomas Whittle
Thomas has been on here before, showing us a great bag almost exactly a year ago. And now he is back with another great bag. Thomas also produces a really cool zine with a group of photographers, you should definitely check it out.

My name is Thomas Whittle and I am an artist based in the UK. I work in lots of different mediums but recently I have been gripped by shooting film. I am off to Korea (I know bad timing right?!) soon and will be lugging this bag around with me. I have attempted to keep it modest and with the lightest gear possible.

Firstly, a small Canon digi. P&S, just incase I want to go out and don’t want to loose my Leica!

Secondly, My Leica M2 button rewind. It has my very beaten up ex-cruise liner 35mm f/2 Summicron V. IV. This lens is amazing, I always enjoy using this set up. I will most probably be shooting black and white with this. I am also taking a compact Cosina flash and my Elmar 50/2.8. Last year when I was in Japan I shot some street at night with a flash and really enjoyed the results.

Next, a Contax T2 which I will be shooting just colour film on as it this lens is great with colour film.

Then is the Fujica GW690, this is pretty new to me and I just replaced the light seals. I bought this because I wanted a larger format camera to take with me on this trip that isn’t bulky and heavy (and I couldn’t afford a Makina Plaubel). I have been shooting 5×4 quite a lot recently and so wanted to get some large negs back from this trip. I am just taking colour film for this.

I will be shooting images for an ongoing series about quiet spaces and peoples interaction with them, as well as portraits and some street. I hope that I will get to shoot some landscape with the Fujica too.

Ok, so next is a brick of Fomapan 400, some fujicolor Pro 160 C, and some loose odd rolls. The two Japan Camera Hunter cases are loaded with 10 rolls of Fomapan 400 and 10 rolls of a mixture of Kodak Ektar 100 and whatever I had in the fridge. The drawings are courtesy of my girlfriend!

I am also taking a pen knife and an old tin with lens wipes in it.

The bag is a Billingham Hadley which amazingly for its size fits all this in (except the 690). And will still have room for a notebook and my iPad.

On top of the bag I am taking a few of my zines, some which are new and a couple which are older. The “Two Fortnights” zine has some images I shot when I was in Japan last year, I only have a few of these left so will probably give them away to friends. The other one, “Camper Vans”, is hot off the press!

It is a small edition of images from mainland Europe depicting camper vans, I have also written a shirt story to accompany the images. The zine is packaged with a silver gelatine print I produced form a large format neg. this year especially for the zine. I am hoping that I will be able to meet some like minded people in Korea who will enjoy this zine.

All my zines are available from my big cartel:

My tumblr is


Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag with us Thomas. It was great to meet you and your camera last year. The zines are awesome and I recommend people to go and get them.
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