In your bag 486 – Eddie Eng
Wait, nobody move! This is a stick up! Gimmie all your film! Eddie has a pretty interesting bag. Come and see what I mean.

My name is Eddie Eng. I am a native new yorker born and raised, but for the last 6 years I have lived in Osaka, Japan. Consistently in the shadow of its older, larger and infinitely more incredible rival of a city Tokyo, Osaka has given me a home away from home while I make a living here as an English Teacher by day and professional photographer on the weekends and in my spare time.

I am a writer/contributer/photographer for the fashion website HYPEBEAST, an online (and recently quarterly-published) magazine focusing on culture, trends, technology, and lifestyle. The job grants me the chance to meet people, visit places and experience things previously unimaginable, to which I am incredibly grateful. As a photographer for fashion, it’s important for me to be mobile at all times which is why I have chosen to go the route of the rangefinder camera. My work consists primarily of portrait photography outside of studio space, so the ability to carry all I need in one convenient bag is definitely a necessity.

Below is a list of my essential items, whether carried with me at all times or of significant and personal value (left to right, top to bottom)..

Supreme Liberty Fabrics F/W2012 Camp Cap

w)taps S/S2011 Ghillie Jacket (perfect for moderate weatherHYPEBEAST magazine vol. 3: The Impressions Issue (my featured photography on NIGO and SK8THING)

Keys and keychains (including an LED flashlight and ID tag)

Maxwell Manual Flash w/ trigger sensor (although I rarely shoot flash)

Microfiber cleaning cloth

A Bathing Ape card case

NIGO/SK8THING business cards (front and rear, 1 of 4 separate designs)

HYPEBEAST business cards

visvim LUMBAR 8L CORDUROY (not necessarily a camera bag with incredible quality and aesthetic)

Supreme x Vans x COMME des GARÇONS Shirt Authentic Pro Sneakers (the perfect shoe for all day commutes)

Air blower

Tokyo Marui M8000 Cougar G Beretta replica airsoft gun (my favorite prop from my first hired photo shoot)

iPhone 5 w/ Supreme Peter Saville “Joy Division” protective sheet

K002 custom-made cordovan leather strap

Leica M9, Steel Grey paint

Leitz Summicron-M 50mm v.4 lens (for portrait photography)

Canon 35mm f/2 LTM Screwmount lens (for street photography)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 w/ Panasonic leather half case

Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens (for interior shots and product photography)

Leica LVF-1 electronic viewfinder

Thanks go to Bellamy and Japan Camera Hunter for their interest. For more information and samples of my work, please visit or

Thanks for sharing your bag Eddie, it is interesting to see it after the write up you did for Mijonju’s bag.
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