In your bag 480, Jacob Bland
What Jacob shares with us is less of a bag and more of a story about falling in love all over again. This is about how he re-discovered the joys of shooting film. Come and have a read.

Hi Bellamy

Love your site so I thought I’d share my bag.

Your ‘Why Shoot Film‘ post really struck a chord with me, particularly in terms of my own decision to return to film photography. I also recognised the weird hostility you have encountered from digital users. Which format is best? To me that’s a bit like saying what type of musical instrument is best or what kind of paint should an artist use. It’s a redundant comparison. I’ve used and EOS 1D at work and really enjoyed it but it’s just not for me creatively speaking.

I started out taking pictures as a teenager after seeing examples of my Granddad’s work from his time as an ex pat in 50s and 60s Toronto and New York. These beautiful transparencies and prints taken with Leicas, Rolleis and Linhoffs really captured my imagination and I spent a long time trying (and failing) to replicate them with my trusty Olympus OM10.

My interest waned as I got older (university, booze, work) and like most people I just took loads of tedious photos with a digital compact. What really left me cold about these cameras was that I had no real idea of what was going on or how I got all these stale, uniform pictures.

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to teach myself the photography basics all over again with a proper film camera so I got my OM10 out. I’ve loved re-learning the relationships between the variables of shutter speed, aperture, depth of field etc and using a camera with the discipline that incredibly expensive film demands.

So anyway enough waffle from me. Here’s the bag.

OK, I don’t actually ever haul all this kit around with me in one go but these are the cameras and lenses I love to use.

My Olympus OM2 comes with me pretty much everywhere, usually mounting the 50mm f1.4.
This lightweight and compact camera is such a joy to use and the Zuiko lenses are superb and easy to acquire these days. I’ve got 135mm and 28mm f3.5 Zuikos for this camera too.

No less loved is my Pentax Spotmatic. The build quality of this camera is gorgeous and the 55mm f1.8 Super Takumar seems to give all shots a strangely cinematic quality. I’ve got a 28mm f3.5 Takumar which I use for architecture generally and I’ve got some Russian M42 glass in the shape of a Jupiter 135mm f4 and a Helios 44-2 58mm f2.

My new true love though is my first real 120 camera. A Bronica ETRSi. I managed to pick up a near-mint example with the standard 75mm Zenzanon PE lens, two 120 backs plus prism and waist level finders. They even threw in a Polaroid back. The quality of medium format is really blowing me away and demanding that I take a new approach to photography.
All good things.

Oh and last but not least, very occasionally I load up my old Olympus mju-II if I need a tiny film camera on an evening out.

In terms of film, at the moment I generally use Fuji Provia 100F or Fuji Pro 400H for colour work. Ilford FP4, HP5 or Kodak Tri-X 400 for black and white.

Apologies again for all that waffle.

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Thanks Jacob, that is a lovely story and it is great to hear your thoughts on why you shoot film again. Naughty naughty though, there is no actual bag in the shot.
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