In your bag 478, Jay Gao
Jay is a skateboarder and a senior and today he has been kind enough to share his bag with us. Come and see this lovely mix of film and digital.

Hello camera hunters!

My name is Jay Gao, I am currently a senior in high school I will be going on to SVA New York this coming year to study photography furthermore. I’ve only gotten into photography just 3 years ago but, since then, I’ve been putting majority of my time (and money) into it. It has certainly become something I love and hopefully I’ll be able to continue it in the future.

I first started shooting photographs back in the day on my camera phone. (by back in the day I mean 2-3 years ago). Since then I’ve always had a craving of taking a ‘good’ photo. But certainly a camera phone wouldn’t cut it. That year, my sister got her first DSLR, the Canon Rebel T3. It pretty much became my camera until I purchased my T2i months later. I started shooting ALOT! I devoted nearly all my time in learning photography.

I’ve bought and sold plenty of gear and currently, it all comes down to this. (Yes, I worked and paid for all of my gear)

My bag. The start of it all, my lovely Canon T2i (kit lens is history) I shoot a lot of skateboarding so a fisheye lens is almost crucial. I purchased a cheap but Ok, Opteka 6.5mm (8mm) fisheye (hopefully I’ll upgrade this soon) Then the 50mm lens. I had the f/1.8 mkII but sold it and paid a bit more for the f/1.4. It’s a great portrait lens for crop frame sensors. I’ve only recently gotten much more into shooting landscapes so I purchased a Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 from a good friend for a amazing 400 dollars! What a steal! And the 35mm f/1.4L Ha… I didn’t pay for that one. It was a gift from my uncle whom was a dedicated photography hobbyist and boy am I greatful! I also inherited that lovely Olympus 35 SP from him as well. He claims film is out of style but, so many others and I disagree. There is nothing like shooting and developing your own roll of film. I shoot TriX iso400 film, suitable for street photography. Ah, the Fujifilm Instax, it’s a fun little camera(thank you Jia Qi!) Of  course then, I have my two flashes, just cheap third party brand called Yongnuo, they get the job done. (I’m not nearly advanced in flash photography to be using Pocketwizards, but soon!) and of course my handy Manfrotto tripod. This is what I mainly carry in my bag, which is the Incase DSLR Pro Pack, a budget friendly and versatile bag(although not water resistant). I also have a Pentax K1000, A Contax 139, and a Yashica Electro 35 GSN.

I like to keep my genre of shooting very wide and versatile. I do a little bit of everything. From portraits to action, to landscapes to street photography. I try to learn more and more each day, and shall explore further into the depths of film and digital photography. One day I’ll acquire a Hasselblad and a Leica. One day.

You can see some of my work here:
and my instagram is @makejayfamous (lots of camera porn!)

Thank you to Bellamy for keeping it real with film and providing such a rad website. Cheers!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jay. I hope that you have a great time in New York. It is a place that I have always wanted to go and shoot.
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