In your bag 477, Gianfranco Catullo
Todays bag is not only visually stunning, it has a purpose too and gets used in a professional setting. Gianfranco must be one of the few photographers who still shoots weddings with film, good on him. Check out this lovely bag.

My name is Gianfranco Catullo and I am a professional photographer based in Rome.
Many years ago I started photographing concerts but I practiced almost all types of photography. I graduated in Theories of Communication and wrote musical articles and technical reviews of cameras and lenses.
I currently work as a wedding photojournalist and my principal gear is all digital: two Canon Eos 5D Mark III and various lenses: 35/1.4, 85/1.2, 16-35/2.8, 24-70/2.8, 70-200/2.8 IS, a 15/Fisheye, flashes, accessories and Lowepro bags.
However, for my personal works, I use a Contax AX with primes only: Distagon 28/2.8, Planar 50/1.7 and Sonnar 135/2.8. I like digital but I love film, as in music I usually listen to vinyl. Digital is great for quality and speed, film (and vinyl!) for a different great quality and accuracy in composition. I want to get the best of both worlds. I often shoot one or two films during a marriage with the old Canon Eos 5, the ancestor of my Canon Eos 5D Mark III.

This is not a fad for  vintage, but a real need. World is too fast today. Contax AX  is an incredible SLR. It’s the only camera that allows you to use autofocus with any manual lens and increase its magnification ratio. In addition, thanks to a bayonet adapter I can use with great satisfaction a Rollei Planar 50/1.8 HFT, which has a slightly different and even more better optical design from its cousin Contax. Probably it’s the best standard fixed lens available, with negligible distorsion and a very good sharpness even at f/1.8. Thanks to an old russian lens extender I can use it for macro photography, always together with the accurate  autofocus of Contax AX.
The b/w film I use is Kodak TMAX, mostly ISO 400, while color are Portra 160 and Ektar 100. My bag is a fantastic ONA Brixton Field Tan, which also contains a cable release, an Ipod and my BlackBerry. With this gear walking in the historic center of Rome is really nice. Picture I prefer is natural, artifact-free and taken in ambient light.

My personal website:

Thanks for sharing your bag and your thoughts on film with us Gianfranco. It is really nice to see someone using film for weddings, even if it is only for part of it. Keep it up.
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