In your bag 461, Daniel
Daniel, just Daniel, has had a few friends on the site, so he has decided to join us too. Come and check out this West Coast bag.

My name is Daniel and I’m a 30 year old living in the San Francsico Bay Area. Since some of my buddies have made it on your page for the “In You Bag” (Steve 441 and Sean 349) I decided to send mine in as well.

My history in photography starts at an early age. My father and an uncle of mine did weddings and portraits professionally in the 80s so I spent quite a bit of time in dark rooms. I didnt get serious in photography until high school when I took a class my school offered and then again in college when I took a few more photography classes. About 2 years ago I found one of my fathers old cameras and took up photography again as a way to relax and clear my head from work. I shoot a lot of street photos all over the Bay Area and Ive also done some work for fashion designers. Anyway on to the bag and gear.

The bag itself is a Swiss Gear messenger bag. Its sturdy enough and small enough to keep me focused on a minimalist approach. My main camera is a minolta x700. This is the camera that belonged to my father. I use it with either a 50mm f/1.7 lens or a 28mm f/2.8 with a red filter. Its usually loaded with either Tri-X or HP5. I’ll also occasionally use my Minolta Auto280 flash with it. Its quite big and bulky and not discrete at all so its only used on rare occasion or on planned photo shoots. I have two point and shoot cameras, One of which i will always have with me. The Olympus Stylus Epic and a Canon Z135. Both of these cameras I usually have loaded with color film, either Portra 160, 400, or occasionally some type of Fuji film. On the rare occasion I do shoot digital I’ll use my canon t2i with either a 50mm f/1.4 or a 28mm f/2.8.

Other than that I carry a few extra rolls of Tri-X, HP5, Portra and a lens cloth. I’ll usually have a book to read (Currently reading Photographs Not Taken), a Sketch book, and a small moleskin for taking notes.

Anyone intrested in checking out some of my work can see it on my blog:

and I occasionally post on instagram @mrkeeper06

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Daniel. The Minolta X700 is cool, I had one for a while and I loved it.
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