In your bag 439, Garrett Lockhart
A slice of pizza and a bunch of classic cameras, this bag has it all. Come and have a look at this great bag from Canada.

Hi Bellamy!

My name is Garrett, a photographer from Nanaimo, British Columbia. I got into photography in the first years of high school, and never really stopped! I’m in my first year of university trying to shoot as much as I can in my spare time. Well, here’s my stuff!

I got this little drawstring backpack from a Korean woman at a garage sale. Two bucks—and it has two pockets on the front for my point and shoots!

-Contax G1: My main camera right now is the Contax G1 with the Zeiss 45mm f/2 Planar. The flash mounted on it is the Contax TLA200. The camera works like a charm; fast, not too noisy, and the lens is crystal. It’s always on my shoulder.
-Yashica T4 super: This camera is my go-to for street/concert/jeez-this-is-dangerous photography. It’s quiet, light, and pretty much weatherproof/shockproof.
-Konica Big Mini: My Konica has never disappointed. The lens is great, flash is nice and harsh. Great little camera for portraits, or going downtown with your homies. And for 2 bucks, I think it was a steal.
-iPhone 4s: my only digital camera. Sometimes, if you need the shot, it’s the quickest to whip out of your pocket.

-Kodak Gold/whatever: When I’m just out and about shooting, it’s Kodak Gold, Fujifilm, or whatever I can find. This is also the case when I’m poor (I’m a starving student! Maybe I should sell prints?)
-Kodak Portra 400: Sometimes I go for the good stuff. Use this mainly for my homies that want to get portraits done.
-Ilford Delta 100: Black and white! Usually use this in the street.

-books: I take the bus around town, and it’s nice to have something to read. I picked up the Focal “Guide To Portraits.” It was written in the sixties I believe. Pretty good info in there! I also carry a small notebook to jot down ideas/phone numbers/locations.
-pizza pouch: No, sadly that’s not a real piece of pizza. It’s a small zippered pouch that I got at the MoMA store last year in New York. That’s where I keep my film!
-“No Fun” winter hat: It’s cold in Canada! I keep my head warm with a hat from Toronto’s No Fun Press. They are a really rad group, check them out!

That’s that! Thank you for checking out my bag! Also, thank you Bellamy for running this awesome site. Super inspiring to see so many people still using film!

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us all Garrett. I love the hat, very cool.
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