In your bag 438, Morgan Roberts
Morgan shares his bag with us from Australia, and what a lovely bag it is. Simple and straight to the point, this is the kind of bag that I would happily use.

I’m a freelance photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I shoot documentary work, street, weddings portraits to make a living and also lots of theatre and music events.

For my personal work I use a Leica M6 and a CV 35/1.4. The lens has been with me for longer than the camera, when I used to shoot with a Bessa R2m, which I sold partly to fund the Leica. I don’t care what some people say about the lens being not so sharp and all that garbage, it works for me and it makes great images on film. Also being 1.4 is super handy. I use Ilford Delta 400 and sometimes 100, and if I shoot colour it’s fujichrome, but my film work is mostly b+w and I develop it myself.

I also use the Fuji X100 for personal work. It works great for my style of shooting, produces fantastic files and weighs nothing, and it’s obviously cheaper than using slide film! I use this along with the iPad to share images right away.

The bag is an old lowepro ‘stealth reporter’ D300, which has been with me about 5 years now and is rugged and practical. I sometimes take a longer lens for the Leica, or a Nikon FM, so the extra space is handy.

A few other essentials – moleskin for the romantic in all of us, pens, sunglasses as Brisbane is sunny and hot very often, being in Queensland, blistex for windy/cold places, sd cards.


Morgan Roberts

Thanks for sharing your great bag with us Morgan, I am loving the layout. Nice to see a pro using a film camera in their personal time too.
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