In your bag 433, Paul Cervantes
As Paul puts it, this looks like a Digiyuppy bag. A completely digital bag for you all today, but don’t let that fool you, there is something missing from this one.

I know, this looks like a typical Digiyuppy bag. Thing is, a very important bag member is missing; my faithful Pentax MX that’s off with Pentax Guru Eric Hendrickson ( to get a sticky shutter unstuck. I owned a Pentax MX back when I was an undergrad at UCLA and I had then deluded myself into thinking I wanted to be a photojournalist. Note that this was in 1980; the Pentax was new back then and I was a lot younger. I foolishly sold my first MX back in the 90s but found a really mint black one (the one that’s getting its shutter fixed right now). Film is a pretty minor part of my shooting these days. I have to maximize my time shooting and minimize my time on the back end of things. That said, I enjoy shooting with my old Pentax primes and the MX, mostly Fuji Velvia 100.

Anyway, that leaves me with the MX’s digital brethren. First is my trusty Nikon D200 with Nikkor Micro 60mm f/2.8 and humble yet fabulous 30mm f/1.8. Next is my Fuji X100 sporting the Fuji adapter ring, B&W Haze filter and a Du & Dus wrist strap. Check out that Pentax lens cap. It’s older than a lot of your readers!

That boxy little fellow on the right is my Sigma DP1x. My shooting is mostly wide, with a little (informal) macro mixed in. I use the DP’s huge bracketing range for handheld HDRs that I process with Photomatix Pro. This is my second Sigma DP, having owned a DP1s previously. They are fascinating cameras though not for the faint of heart or shooters in a hurry. But, with some care and patience they can yield amazing results.

The X100 can do it all. I use it in the city, for portraits, landscapes, you name it. Some say its UI is quirky or even faulty but I say if you can’t shoot with an X100 it’s something on the backside of the viewfinder that’s at fault, not the Fuji. Colors are spot on and that lens sees the way I see. The Fuji is a camera that makes you want to get out and shoot; right now!

My Nikon D200 doesn’t get out as much as I’d like these days, but whenever it does I’m reminded of its near-perfect color rendering (those reds, nothing made since can touch it). I’ve never felt the need to upgrade DSLRs, and that says something about just how special my D200 is to me. I use it with a non-swivel Domke strap. The glass is cheap and the front elements well hidden so I never use filters.

This is called, In Your Bag, right? OK, well my main bag is an ancient, US-made Tamrac Model 606. These bags are truly indestructible. I’ve owned many Domkes and one of these Tamracs will outlast three Domkes. Yes, they do scream, “I’m a camera bag!” but it’s such a great bag that I can put up with its yelling. Plus, it won’t wear out!

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention my smaller bags. Pictured is the Think Tank Stuffit! which I use for the X100 when I’m out on the trail. Not pictured (because I’m a slacker-loser) is my favorite small bag, the Think Tank Modular Pouch. You can read my review of this greatest P&S trail/hiking bag here:

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Thanks for taking a look in my bag.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Paul, and your story of the MX. The MX is a wonderful camera, just not very strong.
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