In your bag 426, Luca Gagno
Luca brings us a classic bag all the way from China. Come and see what a foreigner in a foreign land shoots with.

My name is Luca Gagno I’m an Italian living in China running a consulting company.
So Photo is not my first job in terms of income but for sure the first one in terms of time and money I spend every day.
I develop and print at home the bathroom of my office is perfect for a comfortable dark room so I have everything I need.
I shot 100% film and I’m paranoid like most of the photographer (hope not offend someone) so before every photo session I spend hours thinking how to optimize the camera bag.
Actually I have a small problem in my back so can use only some kind of Camera bag, honestly not so bad, the most expensive camera bag I like are out of my mind due my problem, good reason for save money.
Just now I’m planning next holiday in Sri Lanka with my family, as you can image have family stuff, gifts, baby toys, airlines rules to respect but in the same time you want light camera, great quality, a range of lenses, films and accessories!!
So after long time the final decision is:

Camera Bag:

A Chinese “Belstaff bag” that I modify according my need adding strap, camera partition and some “accessories”.  I feel quite happy, I don’t like bright high tech bag.

Contax T2:

35 mm is my favorite lens for street photo and contax T2 my favorite camera. Fast autofocus, you can choose the aperture but first of all you have in front a stellar Zeiss Sonnar lens, such great piece of glass!!! I print some negative and hard to distinguish the results from what my G1 or other Leica lenses produce.

Leica M4 +Summicron 50/2 DR:

M4 is one of my last “baby” arrived few months ago, I don’t need introduce this gem for sure everyone know something about this masterpiece.

Honestly for everyday shot I’m stick with a black Leica M5 but I should admit that for optimize weight and size this is little bit better choice.

The 50 mm lens for me is portrait lens I’m not too much interesting 90 or 135 mm and change the lens according the subject is a pain so I’m cover with 35 and 50.

Medium Format, the hard and last decision!

I open my cabinet and have in front of me 1 Rolleiflex 3,5F with lightmeter one 3.5F without lightmeter and one Rollleicord V,….hard to choose.

Finally I decide for the Rolleicord, more light, (around 300 gr. less than flex) Schneider lens is not so far from Planar and body easy to handle.

Film in a metal box, a small bag for some filter and brush, moleskine notes, a small tripod, my name card (I did a set only with name and mail, enough for contact me in case need) old sekonic lightmeter and my Iphone.

I prepare by myself a strap for Leica and Contax plus hand made leather half case (this is the reason I’m quite busy and involved in photo passion) for Rolleicord and M4 with a fast protection for the lenses (sure I will loose the lens cap).

Guess it is enough, hope everything will work fine, last trip in Thailand happened  the nightmare for every photographer; my Leica CL shutter stuck just arrived in Bangkok, lucky I repaired by myself the same day!

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Luca. Love seeing people shooting the Contax T2, it is a wonderful camera.
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