In your bag 411, Drew Clay
Wait, another bag from Japan? Yes, although Drew is not Japanese, but American, so it is a bit of a mix. Come and have a look at this Japanesey bag.

Hello All!

My name is Drew and I am from the United States, which is in America. (This is a joke.) I live in southern California and regularly travel to Japan for work (I am an aircraft quality control specialist) and vacation (my wife is from Ogikubo in Tokyo.) I was shooting film off and on from 1994, but really started to get serious in 2002. I shot large format, medium format, and 35mm for nine years before purchasing my first digital camera, a Canon 5D Mark II. I was shooting with that camera constantly until earlier this year when a trip to Tokyo, an impulse trip up some stairs, and fate all aligned which brings us to the bag I have today. I went to Map Camera in Shinjuku where I traded a Canon 17mm TS-E for an X-Pro 1, 18mm lens, strap, and extended grip. Since then I shoot less with the Canon and more with the Fuji. So what all is in the bag?

– My bag is a Kata LighTri-317 PL. Attached to it is a small equipment pouch from Tactical Tailor in which I keep various filters, cleaning supplies, and train tickets. This is by far one of the nicest bags I’ve owner, it is well padded, waterproof, and made of a very tough nylon.

– Fuji X-Pro 1 with 18mm and 35mm lenses, the Match Technical thumb rest and soft release, and the XF-20 flash. I also have two Canon FD mount lenses, a 24mm Vivitar and a Canon 50mm S.S.C. 1.4. The latter of these two I acquired from Kobayashi Camera in Kichijoji for a very solid 1,800 Yen.

– Minolta A5. This was given to me by a friend who was cleaning out his grandfather’s attic in northern New Mexico. Since the climate there is relatively stable, it works great and has zero mold or other issues. I shoot Ilford HP5+ or Pan F through it, since it seems to handle those films the best.

– Kindle Fire. I am an avid reader and used to dread going on trips as it meant I was always trying to pack clothes and enough books to keep me occupied. I don’t particularly worry about that anymore, not to mention I can store a huge number of professional publications and technical manuals on it.

– Tasman Tiger notebook holder and Pelle notebook. I carry an Ohto ‘Dude’ fountain pen, a mechanical pencil, and a ballpoint made from two 5.56mm casings that are engraved with the name of a friend of mine killed in Afghanistan.

– Streamlight ‘Sidewinder’ flashlight. I highly recommend these as they’re capable of throwing near-IR, blue, red, and white light. I keep this and a Garmin Foretrex in my bag when going somewhere where I could potentially get lost.

Thanks for your time Bellamy, thanks to everyone else for the great looks at your equipment and work. If you’re curious, I can be found on Flickr at Good luck and happy shooting.

Thanks for sharing you bag and a bit about yourself. I am a regular visitor to Kichijoji so I will have to check out Kobayashi.
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