In your bag 410, Darren Elliot
A bag from Japan today. Darren has a classic collection of Japanese cameras and a lovely tatami mat floor. Check it out.

Hello Japan Camera Hunter and readers.

I have been enjoying everyone else’s bags so much that I thought I’d sent mine along too. Originally I’m from England, but I’ve been living in Japan on and off since 1999. I teach English at university, and I think I’m a better teacher than a photographer. Here is my stuff.

Nikon FM2

I’m sad to say I don’t take great care of my cameras. This one is tough enough to take anything, and it has a beautiful lens. I have never really gotten to grips with rangefinders and although I don’t use this one as much as I used to, I still consider it my ‘main’ camera. It does everything well, and some things excellently.

Mamiya C330

It’s not the lightest, the cutest, or the coolest TLR out there, but that’s why it tends to be underpriced compared to the others. This has given me the confidence to take street portraits…. If you approach someone with a DSLR you need to have a story ready, but this thing has inbuilt authority. It needs a service, and I tend to lose the first shot or two on every roll, but the rest are usually great. I love it so much that I went and got a Mamiya RB67 to keep it company. I like setting up and directing portraits, mostly family, and I like taking fewer pictures. A roll shot in medium format and one shot in 35mm yield about the same number of good photographs for me. Not pictured is the Sekonic Twinmate which slots into the flash shoe.

Nikon 35ti / Fujifilm Tiara

This are both recent acquisitions to replace my wife’s old Konica Big Mini, which succumbed to the common electrical display failure. I’m not sure if either fits the bill yet, but I’m enjoying both. The Nikon has amazing glass, and looks gorgeous, but I am still getting used to the auto focus and exposure settings. The Tiara is a lot snappier, and tiny. I’m not a street photographer, but I like to carry these two most of the time just in case I see something interesting. I have been filling one with colour and the other with black and white.

Polaroid Spectra

This was donated to me by a Flickr friend but it has been lying dormant since the film was discontinued. However, I just picked up a few packs of the impossible project black and white and although it’s pretty hard to use I am happy to have the chance. Also pictured is the macro attachment, complete with a retractable measuring string, which produces dreamy close ups. This camera can be tricked into double exposures.


I know a lot of serious photographers stick to one or two films, but I use pretty much anything. In this day and age, it doesn’t pay to become too attached anyway – you never know when your film of choice will be murdered! Having said that, I have a few favourites. My Nikon FM2 is usually loaded with Fuji Natura 1600. The point and shoots eat up cheap Kodak 400 and 100 colour films, with the occasional Kodak Tri X 400 or Ilford Delta 3200 in B&W. In medium format my defaults are Kodak Porta and Ektar.

Bag and Detritus

The bag is a Porter, and my phone, travel pass, keys and wallet all get chucked in. I often have a set of headphones too, for a musical commute. I always carry mints…. I don’t want to be that teacher with coffee breath. The notebook here is full of half completed to do lists, and I don’t like to be without something to read. As I’m going to back to England for a couple of weeks in March I have been getting in the mood by reading about London. Not pictured here are the wet tissues, Pokemon cards, acorns and Star Wars Lego figures which I carry around in my role as dad to two small boys.

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Darren Elliott

Thanks Darren for sharing you bag and your thoughts. You are right about the Mamiya, it changes peoples perception of you.
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