In your bag 406, Dragan Jereminov
A pro bag today. Well, a few of different bags with different setups for different jobs. Come and have a look at this bag coming to you from Serbia.

My name is Dragan Jereminov, and im a professional photographer/cinematographer and by vocation product/graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia.
I wanted to share with you my three bags (actually four) and equipment i use for different things i do.
I started photography as a teenager in high school, and my learning curve began with my fathers Kiev 4 rangefinder with helios 52mm f.2 which is now beyond rapair and on a display on my wall. It was used until 2004 along with Minolta 7000 film SLR and for a few years i only used borowed digital compacts until digital was good enough to go into…with E-pl1 with evf (now sold).

I mostly like to shoot people portraits and street photography.
professionally i cover night life, concerts, theatre, headshots, weddings and music videos and presentations.

First image is some satchel military bag with diy insert (have 2 depending on a setup, bigger and smaller),

Canon A-1 with 50mm f1.4 SSC and YN 603c trigger, loaded with Ilford pan 100, ND4 filter, film case with spare batteries,

Sunpak auto thyristor 300DX (great manual flash with all manual controls from 1/16 to 1/1),

with YN 603c too and a DIY difuser (from some hair conditioner)…thats basic setup for this bag…but it is prone to change.

Second is my usual setup for a walk on street and nightlife photography.

Its a lowepro event messenger 150.

It fits all my m4/3 gear and can fit even my 5dmk2 with a lens and a flash if needed.

Theres a GF1 camera body (one of the best MILC cameras) with 20 1.7 and a kit 14-45mm lens, DIY cable shutter release,

blower, FD adapter, extra flash eneloop batteries (in the plastic case, not shown), dear skin cloth and rice paper for lens and filter cleaning,

Yongnuo 560 ex flash with a difuser, few flash sticks, caps, bussines card, flashlight, charger, cables and a htc smartphone.

looking for a second hand evf and 14 2.5 for this setup. Also i put 50 1.4 fd and a lcd viewfinder there…

Next is a Lowpro pro runner 300AW backpack with my pro gear. Its a 5dmk2, 24-70 2.8 L, 28 1.8, 50 1.4 not shown, 430 exII flash, two Youngno 560 ex flashes,

triggers, cable release, charger, cables, extra battery, microfiber cloth and a rice paper in upper compartment, zeikos lcd viewfinder…

I can fit umbrella, smaller light stand, and a tripod…maybe even a 5in1 reflector on top of it…

You can also ad this little video i made when i was using some survival bag with my m4/3 gear…

Looking forward for a first short film.
You can find my images mostly on my facebook profile and fan page
and also 500px
flickr is rarely updated :) (hate UI on it)

Best regards,
Dragan Jereminov

Thanks Dragan for sharing your 3 very different and interesting bags. I am always interested in seeing what pros use in their bags.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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