In your bag 404, James Crowe
A very cool bag set today, by a young Australian who is living in Mongolia! How cool is that? This set up is simple and makes use of the limited resources available in Mongolia. Check it out.

Hello there!

My name is James Crowe and I’m a 15 year old Australian expat. I’m currently living overseas in Mongolia. Even though the film scene over here isn’t what you would call huge, I do go out shooting most weekends with a few other ‘filmographers’.

Visited Moscow on a school trip last year and bought myself an old Zenit and a Zorkii and even since then, I have been hooked on film photography! Started off small with the old Russian knock-off Leica’s and have been steadily working at my collection ever since. Hopefully as time goes on and I keep acquiring funds, the collection will be ever-expanding. As for the moment, these are my general go-to cameras, hope you enjoy:

-Incase DSLR case.

-Voigtlander R4A with 50mm ƒ/2.5 Color-Skopar.

-Canon QL17 GIII with original Canonlite-D and leather carry case.

-Pentax Spotmatic with a “no-name” German 35mm ƒ2.8.

-Lomo La Sardina St. Tropez Edition.

-TIP PZ 680 for my Minolta Instant Pro *not pictured*.

-Miscellaneous rolls of Fujichrome and Ilford B&W film.

Without a doubt, the Voigtlander is my go to camera, the images that it spits out are second to none! One day I hope to own a Leica M6 but for the foreseeable future, the funds just aren’t there. The Spotmatic is a great camera and it’s in impeccable condition as well! The no name lens probably wouldn’t be my first choice of m42 lenses but I already have a few for my Zenit’s *not shown*. That being said, the image quality is quite outstanding, the bokeh being very very creamy indeed. Just for an easy carrying around camera, great for parties and relaxing situations where I don’t need to spend time worrying about framing and exposure! Rolls of film in excess, in all sorts of types and ASA’s, coming in handy for most situations.

When it comes to shooting digital, I have a Canon 550D with a 50mm, 70-300mm and a 10-20mm lens. It may not have the fastest FPS burst rate, or the most AF points, but it definitely gets the job done and I love the results it gives me.

Thanks for giving me a place to showcase my bag, love this whole series!



Thanks for sharing your bag and your story with us James, that is certainly an interesting and productive environment.
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