In your bag 391, James G. Best
James brings us a bag from Thailand, and a lovely bag it is too. With a knife, a great set of headphones and a great Russian rangefinder. Check it out.

Hey Bellamy,

Here is a submission for your ‘In the bag blog’.

So a little about me, I name is James and I am an English web designer living in Bangkok, Thailand. My wife was lucky enough to get a job out here and so I followed.

I started taking photographs about 6 years ago whilst travelling. Being a bit of a tech-head I dove straight into digital and harped on about not understanding why people would shoot film. I continued to shoot digital up to about 18 months ago when I discovered street photography and the joys of shooting film. Now my digital kit barely gets a look in.

So here is what I have in my bag.
From left to right:

·Shure headphones and an ipod shuffle. I find music helps me get over the fear of shooting street.
·Notebook, pen and pen knife.
·Film- living in Thailand I can’t be too fussy on the film I shoot. I like to try new film but when I can get my hands on it I like to shoot TriX 400.
·Olympus Pen EE3 – fantastic little camera, this is always with me and generally has colour film in it. I spent a long time trying to find one of these in mint condition.
·Olympus trip – this was my first 35mm camera and is still one of my favourites. This always has B&W film in it and a yellow filter. The lens on this camera is amazing. So sharp!!
·Kiev 4 – this is my first step in the world of rangefinders. This thing is built like a tank and weights as much too but once you get used to its quirks (the Contax grip) then it is a great camera. Unfortunately I think the coveted Leica will be out of my grasp for a while so will be looking at the Voightlander Bessa’s next.
·Cheap Chinese made android tablet (is great except for the battery).
·Blower and cleaning clothe
·And finally my Billingham Hadley (large). I think that this is the perfect bag. It is great for everyday and will last forever. Granted they are expensive but worth every penny.

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James G. Best

Thanks for sharing your bag with us James. I too use my Shure headphones when shooting street in Tokyo as the streets are deafening.
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