In your bag 372, Frederico Malaca
Merry Christmas to one and all. And here is todays bag for you. Although it is not very Christmassy it is still a lovely bag all the way from Portugal for your Xmas enjoyment. Check it out.


My name is Frederico Malaca, I’m from Portugal. I finish my BA in Sound and Image in arts school a few months, at the moment i’m into a internship in the portuguese cinematheque, and i’m planning what project to do when i start the Master Degree.

Usually i don’t carry the Nikon D90, but on the past weeks i’m using it to make some videos. I bought 3 years, and it’s almost stop all of the time, just use it regularly to shot video. I like to use the 50mm Nikkor manual lens, that i also use with my Nikon Camera, FE.

On the backpack, rucksack that i bought on ebay (special back pocket to carry cameras, great idea chinese factory) i like to carry the Lumix Lx3. When i bought it i had a Sony Alpha 200 as main camera, but i wanted a compact camera. For a while i used it almost everyday, i also started a 365 project that i abandoned a few weeks later. During a while i left her stop, but this year i started a journal with her. It’s a camera that sometimes really blows my mind with it’s results (Leica lens engineers, you rock lens world!!! ). I really like to shoot with her. ( )

Well this is only a part of my cameras, most of the time i prefer to use film (Fuji <3 , sorry Kodak). I started use film before i enter in arts school, but i didn’t look at it into a serious way as i do nowadays. My first SLR was a Nikon F65 that i bought to do the analogue photography class. But i wanted something with more history and sleek design, when i had the chance to buy a Nikon FE, i sold the F65. I’m not much into black & white photography (special in film)  but at this moment the FE is loaded with 1600 Neopan, that my friend Pedro give me. Btw, Pedro sometimes borrow me his Bronika ETRS.

On the past year i bought a Olympus mju II, (at this moment is my girlfriend that is using it). I wanted a point and shoot film camera. With her i did a photography project for school, to test the capacity of the camera and to test my photography skills with a point and shoot. During that time, my friend Tiago bought a Olympus XA2. When i saw the first photos that he did with it, i was blown away! That camera got a amazing lens! Guess what? Bought one. The last camera that i’ve adopted it’s a Fuji Instax 210. Bought it, because i wanted to shoot in that format. To don’t regret in a near future that i never did photos with instant format (hope they last for many many years, but with film crisis we never know).

Mainly i like to shoot landscape, but i like any kind of photography.

In the past 3 years i had the chance to shoot alot with film, specially thanks to my friends Carlos and André, with their project We Love Film.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Frederico, and a very Merry Christmas to you. A very nice set up you have there.
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