In your bag 367, Angela Solis
Angela has been on JCH before, and now she is back. I am always happy to see how a bag and a style has changed and this is no exception. Come and have a look at the bag with the Hello Kitty.

Hello again Bellamy, I hope the fall or winter season is treating you well. Glad to see that the In Your Bag section is doing great.

Mine was bag #15 and my bag has changed since then. I’m working longer hours for the most part of the year and during the weekdays I don’t have a lot of time to shoot. However I try to bring a camera with me, just in case.

Lately these comprise my kit (together with my regular office bag)

Hello Kitty Pouch – A neoprene pouch I got from a friend when he visited his parents in Japan. It’s mainly a lens pouch but a camera fits in here too.

Baby GAP sock – I use a baby sock to hold and protect items from getting scratched (more on this below)

Olympus 35 SP with film – My main film camera this year. I got this from my boyfriend last Christmas–he’s a rangefinder lover and he’s trying to convert me to be one, too. But I have a really bad eyesight so in some situations, rangefinder doesn’t work well for me. That doesn’t stop me from using it though.

On other days the Olympus 35 SP is replaced with my Fuji X10 as a digital unit, or other compact film cameras (e.g. Olympus mju II, Yashica T4 or LC-A)

Colorsplash Flash – I got this when I used up some points online. I’m not a big flash user but I’ve started keeping one with my kit just in case. The sticker is to cover-up an ugly scratch when I forgot to put it inside the sock, so the lens filter scratched it while inside my bag. :(


Contact Info:
twitter: @theanaloglove

Thanks for sharing your bag with us again Angela. Interesting to see how it has changed.
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