In your bag 366, Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy
And normal service is resumed. For those of you that thought we would stop at 365, that is not going to happen. Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy has been kind enough to share his bag with us today. Lets have a look what’s inside…hint, it isn’t Canon.

My name is Matt Granger – I am a people photographer, gear reviewer & instructor based in Sydney Australia and Hong Kong. My alter ego is ThatNikonGuy.

I spend a lot of time using & reviewing the latest and greatest gear, comparing specs, testing sharpness and judging the value of things. It is fun and I love it, but when I get a chance to shoot JUST FOR ME, then I always take it back to basics. Right back.

My walking around kit includes:

– The bag – An Acme Made Union Photo Messenger. It is a very simple and small bag – with the note book and camera it is pretty much full. I like that it means i can’t carry other junk and I always get compliments on its look – the material used on the exterior is really nice.

– Nikon FE Camera. I got this used in near mint condition online. They are not expensive but just a dream to shoot with. I’ve owned, used or tested most digital SLRs & cameras and I have a collection of about 30 old cameras inherited from my grandfather, but this is my favourite camera. No question. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Great design.

– Nikon 50mm f1.2 MF lens. Again – such a great lens. A lot of Nikon users lament that Nikon don’t have a 1.2 range, but they actually make these still – pumping them out of the Japanese factory. Whilst it is a lot more expensive than the 1.4G, it is a bargain in my mind given the build and optics. I have done all the tests on this versus the 1.4s and 1.8s – but who cares! If you want to shoot on this style of camera – you need the aperture ring – and nothing compares in terms of build and aesthetics.

– Nikon 105mm f2 DC. If I am shooting portraiture and want longer than the 50mm, I bring along the DC. It is such a great lens – also still available new and surprisingly cheap, and it shares the ‘old school’ build quality that has been lost in all the new G Series lenses from Nikon. The DC function is fun to play with – essentially it allows you to alter the bokeh in front and behind the focus point by ever so slightly adjusting an element inside the lens. It takes practice, but it is a lovely lens (has a cool colour cast though).

– I always have my phone with me, currently using the Samsung Galaxy Note – I find it hard to disconnect completely so it is my life line. But whilst I am in zen shooting mode, it is just used for tunes. I usually listen to Jimi Hendriks, Beastie Boys or audio books whilst wandering the streets.

– I do carry a note book – not for keeping a record of settings or locations, but just for taking notes on other general ideas that spring to mind. I can suffer from a 1 track mind – if I don’t get an idea out and onto paper, it can derail my whole day.

– Headphones – I break them often, so whatever cheap pair I can pick up.

That’s it. That is all I will carry on a day of personal shooting – plus film of course.

That is a far cry from the kind of kit I usually have with me when on assignment or when out filming for ThatNikonGuy.

– Nikon D4

– Nikon D800E

– Nikon D5100

– 14-24mm

– 24-70mm

– 70-200mm

– 50mm 1.4G

– 85mm 1.4G

– Nikon 105mm f2 DC

– Tamron 24-70mm VC

– Strobist gear – up to 10 flashes, Orbis & more

– PocketWizards

– Expodisc white balance disc

– Hoodman Raw Steel memory cards (unbreakable!)

– BlackRapid straps

– tripods

– wireless mics from Senhessier and Rode

– loads of other back breaking stuff for review.

I dream of a shoot where I can take along my coronet midget (here dwarfed in my meaty hands) and complete the whole job just using this one camera :)

Japan in January  for CP+ in Yokohama – I cannot wait. Have been 4 times in the past and absolutely loved it. This time though I will be making more time for personal shooting and running a walking workshop with Mr Camera Hunter himself. For this trip I plan to take the most basic kit I have ever travelled OS with –  Nikon D4, 24-70, 50mm, FE, mic kit and one tripod.

My website is

My photography teaching (and silliness) channel is

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Instagram @Lensporn

Twitter @thatnikonguy


Great stuff Matt, thanks for sharing with us. Love that Coronet too, it looks tiny!
Check out Matt’s links, make sure you come and comment. And come join us for the photowalk.

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