In your bag 358, Jon Clay
Todays bag is lovely and simple. The bare essentials. Which is great because the bare essentials also happen to contain one of my film cases. Jolly good.

Hey Bellamy!

Here is my slightly dodgy photo for In Your Bag (the only digital camera I carry around nowadays is on my phone, so I apologise).

Ok, here goes:

– Domke F-802 Reporters Satchel. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s perfect for everyday use – big enough to carry two 35mm cameras and a Mamiya TLR when needed (but I usually carry only one camera). Everything pictured here goes into the bag with space for more.

– Leica M3 with 50mm Planar, and Zeiss Ikon ZM with 35mm f/2 Biogon. Both are sensational cameras – and quite possibly have the two best viewfinders ever. And Zeiss glass is simply wonderful. I only usually carry one of these cameras around – at the moment it’s the Ikon.

– JCH film holder. Quite possibly the best invention for holding 35mm film ever. If you don’t have at least one you’re definitely missing out. This is loaded with Acros, TMax 400 and Tri-X.

– Glasses case.

– B+W 022 yellow filter.

– Gossen Digisix Lightmeter – for use with the M3 (when I can’t happily guess exposure) and medium format.

– Some recent contact sheets and prints from working in the darkroom yesterday.

– Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

– Current photographic reading – “Midnight” by Joseph Szymanski (available off Blurb here: )

I’m currently working in Armidale, NSW as a Lab Technician in Biochemistry – although I’d be much happier wandering about taking photos for a living!




Thanks for sharing your gear with us Jon. Nice to see the case being displayed. I love the Domke too, I have the exact same bag and I love it.
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