In your bag 347, Wayne Reich
A big old bag for you today. Wayne has a cracking Nikon setup for us to drool over. Come and have a look.

Greetings JCH and JCH fans,

Thanks for making the “In Your Bag” series a regular spot in your blog – I really enjoy seeing everyone’s tools of the trade!

Well, my name is Wayne Reich and I am an artist from Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve been a musician for most of my life and was inspired to become a photographer many years ago when I was writing film score for some local friends. I actually just got home from shooting a wedding on 35mm, but I did take a quick shot on my iPhone last week as I was considering what to carry for the week. Most of the time, I’m making documentary images for a local non-profit or working on personal projects. I’ve recently become involved in the immigrant community, some of whom are placed in NC by the United Nations (That project has me the most excited).

First, my bag is a hand-me-down from a friends’ deceased uncle. I have no idea what brand it is, there are no markings. I carry a lens cleaning cloth in a cool neoprene pouch always clipped to one of the ends. There are also rags there to pad the lens compartments because I often double up.

I carry two camera bodies. The digital body is the Nikon D7000 shown with the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro attached. I love this camera for a hundred reasons, but mainly, I like how it couples the classic F-mount to a light-weight yet solid package. The quality of the raw images is really fantastic for compared to any modern camera. I use a KatzEye split-prism focus screen in the D7000 to help me dial in those manual-focus classics.

My other camera body is a Nikon FM2n shown with the MD-12 motor-drive and the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI lens attached. What can I say, this camera is what dreams are made of. It has crazy-fast shutter speeds (for a completely manual camera) and it’s so reliable. As I mentioned earlier, I shot a wedding with this camera (they really wanted film!) as my primary body earlier today. Most often, I use this camera for documentary work and personal projects.

Other than the lenses attached to the camera bodies, I have and use:

Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX (D7000 only, obviously) – I’d actually like to sell this, though, and pick up the manual-focus Rokinon version.

Quantaray 24mm f/2.8 (works on both bodies) – This lens came in the hand-me-down bag. It’s not bad on digital, but it can skew the color on film a tad.

Rokinon 300mm f/5.6 Mirror lens. (works on both bodies) – Okay, sometimes donuts are cool. And that’s what you get for bokeh on this lens.

Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 Series E (works on both bodies) – This is beautiful. I mean, seriously. It’s sharp, but not harsh. It’s also got a lot of character.


I also like:

the BlackRapid strap

Metal Screw-type Lenscaps

Extra memory cards (though I do have 48gb in the D7000, so that may be overkill)

ThreeLeggedThing tripod (Adrian)

A wireless remote

a Swiss-Army Knife (used primarily for uncorking and top-popping)


a copy of “The Photographers’ Right” and “The Ultimate Exposure Calculator” chart

a Lens Pen (I only use the brush side) a China marker for writing IE notes on the film spools

the Gossen Luna-Pro digital-F incident light meter

an Ink-pen

a Moleskine notebook for writing exposure notes and other info

a tin of Altoids – because you never know when you might meet your next client.

Also pictured:

My backup, backup camera the Nikon OneTouch Zoom 90. Most of the time, I give this to my 4 year-old son when we go out on walks. He loves it and says that it makes him feel like dad;-) With that camera are three rolls of CVS brand film that I bought on the cheep.

I also have a pro-pack of Portra 400, three rolls of Ilford HP5, and two rolls of Ilford Delta 3200. I used all ten of the pro rolls at the wedding earlier today.

Well, sorry that was long – it’s a heavy bag most of the time.

You can also find me here:

Thanks again, and take care!

– Wayne Reich

Thanks for sharing your bag and your gear with us Wayne. Love the FM2n, it is a great camera and so under-appreciated.
Come and have a look at Wayne’s links and make sure you comment.

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