In your bag 345, Florent Liard
We have a lovely bag for you from France today. Florent shares his interesting set up with us and tells how he came to have it. Read on.


my name is Florent, i’m currently living in Nantes, France. I started shooting when i got my first camera around 12 years old, i’m now 28 and still didn’t stop. I was in a photo school in belgium during 3 years, which was essentially analog. I mostly shoot street photography in black white on TX 400. I love traveling and based my life on it, i lived three years in Budapest Hungary, and that was fantastic for camera hunting ! I started a collection back then; so i have got plenty of cameras at home but i mostly used the one you see in the picture.  I used to be a pentax addict and still are for analog lenses and bodies, especially the super ME (or LX of course) with the 50 mm 1,4 SMC or the 24mm 2,8 SMC. I owned a K10D which was my first digital body, i loved it but it broke down while i was living in Melbourne Australia. I was hoping pentax would produce a full frame body but it never happened and doubt it will.  I’m know 100% analog and it’s what i like. I’m not rich enough to buy a leica, but i would love to own a M6 TTL or a bessa R4m or R4a. My favourite focals are 19mm, 24mm 50mm and 85mm. And when i’ll got enough cash for digital, i would get a Xpro1 (it’s the first time i felt like doing analog photography with a digital),  or a 5D mark III for his performances (even if its big and not discreet i love this camera)

What you see in the bag is what i daily use.

-The minox is always in my pocket (the batteries are dead now i’m looking for a replacement alternative to mercury )

-The Electro GSN is my favourite rangefinder, i would prefer a wider angle tho. I’ve just replaced the light seals.

-I love to shoot with the zorki I as well, the result of the industar is for me more than satisfying.

-finally the bulky plastic canon on the right is my first “real” camera, it’s an EOS 3000n, i found the cosina lens 19-35mm for 35 euros back in Bruxelles which was for me a really cheap option for a 19 mm.

-My bag is an army bag from Hungary found on a flea market for few cents, its very light and discreet , its what i need when i’m shooting in the street.

I would like to apologise for my english and all the grammar/spelling/syntaxe mistakes i’ve made.

I also wanted to share this website with you. It has been my bible for many years now, people are really friendly on the forum . You will find thousands of cameras there with descritions and others infos.

you can have a look at my blog as well here :

and here :[email protected]/

Thank you all for your time and thanks to Bellamy for your work !

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Florent. A great mix of gear there, I am sure it gives you some interesting experiences.
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