In your bag 333, Mark Reeves
Todays bag is really simple and really nice. A totally simple Leica bag that does everything that it needs to do without being overly stuffed. Check it out.

Hi Bellamy (and hello world!),

I am Mark, I am English/Australian, currently based near Canberra Australia, have been shooting since I was 7 and returned to happy amateur status 8 years ago when I shut up shop and moved half way around the world.

Here is one of my bags for your list: I have too many bags and far too many cameras but made a dramatic shift from being a studio bound art/nude shooter to trying to work out how this street thing works. I also learned the hard lesson when I thought I could manage a ‘blad, three lenses, a couple of backs, a couple of finders, a tripod, a reflector (with stand) and a huge amount of film on a quick trip around Thailand (maybe I should send a photo of that bag: the antithesis of this one). So after that debacle here is the stuff I now cart around with me:

  • A Crumpler Moderate Enthusiast (small) in black and gun metal. My entire wardrobe is black so this tiny sling bag fits right in and it is REALLY small. My only real gripe is that it doesn’t have dedicated film loops.
  • A Leica M3 (DS) which is a recent acquisition when I finally realised the only thing which would replace a stolen M4 was another M and the M3 finder is a minimalist thing of joy. Her name is tamara and she is seen here wearing a Mr Zhou leather half case & soft release and a Matin Ets Haim 35 leather strap.
  • Leitz Summaron 3.5cm/3.5 with goggles for the M3 finder, and its cap.
  • Leitz Summarit 5cm/1.5 M mount: a really underrated lens. I keep losing Summarit caps which are a weird size and hard to find so it now proudly wears a cheap 40.5mm clip on (cheap caps never get lost).
  • Hoods (with caps) for both lenses – I am neurotic about caps after having the curtains in a IIIf deteriorate in a single afternoon.
  • A few rolls of TX400.
  • IPA sunny 16 dog tag. This actually goes around the neck rather than in the bag but I sometimes carry a Gossen Digiflash when I am feeling forgetful and it is not in the photo because it is not currently in the bag.
  • Tobacco, papers and filters in a lovely leather pouch: I want a bag that feels this good.
  • I occasionally add yellow and ND filters depending on where I am shooting.

My phone organises my life and lives in my pocket as do lighters, keys, cash, detritus, hands, sometimes a Pen EE2 or Fed Micron loaded with Portra 160, spare caps (I told you I am neurotic) and anything else I cram in, but that is “in my pockets” and not “in my bag”. I do still get a hankering for the old days so a 90mm will be added for portraits; I think a collapsible Elmar 90 should fit in this bag.

Some of my photos (mostly work safe: the other stuff doesn’t usually get online) and many of my cameras can be seen at and irregular digital dross can be got from Instagram @markreeves for those so inclined. I have the usual plethora of online spots but none of the others are active in a meaningful way. These get pruned from time to time.



Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mark, it is nice to see a Summarit, that is one of my favourite lenses.
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