In your bag 330, Julian Tröps
A cool bag from a 14 year old! Todays bag also features a toe. Yes, a toe. Check it out.

My name Julian, I’m 14 years old and I come from Germany.

I started with photography since I was nine years old. Yes! -with nine. I got my first camera (it was a film camera, but I shot just for fun and without a film in it), it was a German Braun camera and I have it till today ! I started with serious photography in the mid of 2011 with an film camera from Agfa. But at this time I don’t understood how a camera works. After the development of the first film I got two pictures, and they were out of focus. Two month late I bought a DSLR, a Canon  40D. With this camera I could practice until I could work with the aperture and shutter speeds. Two month ago I bought a Minolta X700, a film SLR. This camera is great. With this camera I have full control of my photographs.

I gave my films to a local photoshop. They develop my films for 2€/each (3$). After the developing I scan my film with a film scanner and put this on my Flickr Photostream and my Blog.

I only show here my film camera setup, my digital setup includes my Canon 40D with some lenses and some flashes,umbrellas, an iPad 2 and tripods.

Digital I shoot people and sport and with film I shoot people and street.

Okay now I show you what is in my film camerabag :

This is my equipment with a short introduce and what I do with it :

– My bag is a bag from UCOB, United Colors of Benetton.

I don’t know which bag it is, but what I know is that bag is quite small.

– Minolta X700, a SLR..great camera, easy to use. On this camera is a 50mm 1.8 or an 28mm 2.8    lens. I use it for art and street photography.

– Lomography Diana Mini, a 135 film camera, point and shoot camera.

– Agfa Silette 1, a German full manuel camera. This camera I use for art photography.

– iPhone 4 with a Fisheye-case, please don’t kill me – I use it for Instagram.

– a digital flash

– some films

– lens swaps

Unfortunately no Leica is in my bag, but I hope in the next 20 years I will get one. I’m just a student. Haha.

Because the bag is quite small I can only carry 1-2 cameras. Mostly I take my Minolta and my Diana Mini, six films, my iPhone and the flash. Although I have big bag, but this bag is for my digital setup and its two big for the city ;)

The is a heavy weight : 2,3 kilo (4,6 pounds)

I hope my English was clear and easy to read. And thank you for reading my text.

Keep on going, Japan Camera Hunters !

Greetings from Germany

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Julian Troeps (Tröps)

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Julian, it is nice to see one so young who is so passionate about photography.
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