In your bag 299, Kevin Van Haesendonck
Kevin rocks a very simple bag indeed, the very basics of what you need to shoot on the street. Come and have a look at this wonderfully pure and straightforward bag.

Hi JCH (and readers)

My name is Kevin, I live in Belgium and moving to Ecuador in January. I photograph mostly models here in Belgium, but moving to Ecuador to become a street/travel/model photographer as my main career.

I started out taking pictures about 5 years ago, with a Nikon digital camera. I bought new ones, until I arrived at my current setup, which is a D700 with most of the Nikon pro line lenses. I use this camera if I have an assignment, or when I need the pictures quick.
I recently got in to analog photography and I must say I enjoy it ever so much. I bought the Leica M6 after reading a lot about it, first with the Voigtlander 5 1.4 but after a while I decided the 50 1.5 would fit my shooting style better.

I go out nearly every week to Antwerp, a big city not far from where I live to shoot the streets, I develop my B&W film myself, and then scan it to put it online.
When I go street shooting this is the bag I take with me.:

ThinkThank Retrospective 20 ( A bit big but I use it for my D700 too)

Leica M6 with Voigtländer 50mm F/1.4

Fuju X100 with a spare battery

My sunglasses

A whole lot of film: from fomapan to dia negatives.

My cellphone ( I took the picture with it).

You can check out my work at or in the future on

Kevin Van Haesendonck

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Kevin. I hope that your travels to Equador are a success and that you find lots of interesting material to shoot.
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