In your bag 295, Scott Kim
A nice mixup bag for you today. Scott shoots both digital and film, and has a nice showing of the different cameras in his bag. Let’s hear from Scott about how he came to have these.

My name is Scott Kim from Sydney Australia. I do software programming for my day job and have been enjoying the photography as my sweet hobby since 2009. The following three cameras have shown me different paths in the journey of photography.

-Canon EOS 40D

In 2009 I did good amount of research to find the first DLSR camera like everyone else then decided to buy 450D as it was known as an entry level DSLR camera. However, I wasn’t really sure what lens to get as I was totally new to the photography. Simply I had no clue whatsoever. So, I went to the local camera store to get some advice on the choice of lens. The helpful staff at the store recommended 17-85mm kit lens and I was happy with that. Then, the staff got confused with my order and gave me 40D body instead of 450D !!! Back then, honestly I didn’t even know which camera was a better one until I came back home and found that I had 40D. My receipt definitely said I purchased 450D not 40D. Now I’m going to confess that I didn’t contact the store back after I did some googling on 40D. I decided to wait until they call me, but they didn’t. That’s how I got my first DSLR camera.

Probably most of people would feel that 40D does not have nostalgic value in it as it’s just a DSLR. But to me it’s been a great friend who has guided me into photography, especially when I had no single idea about it. Nowadays, it’s equipped with Sigma 30mm 1.4 prime lens for my standard lens kit.

-Fujifilm X100

Doubtlessly say it was the natural path for me to choose after using 40D for years, the size does matter after all. Small, light, discrete but still producing great quality images for me. From the day of purchase I do love every bits of this little mighty camera and it has totally changed my shooting experience since.

– Olympus OM10

So this is the newest member that expands my photography journey into the film. Easy to use semi manual (AV) mode shooting film camera which suits my shooting style and still quite small compare to full DSLR body. I have purchased various range of B&W films to try out with this camera.

So you might see the progress on my photography journey with the list of cameras I have acquired. With 40D I was learning the basics of photography and shooting mainly family and friends. Since X100 I have been shooting a lot on the street. Now with OM10 advancing into film medium, mainly people shot and some of street shooting.

The bag is the popular Thinktank Restrospective 5 which has enough room to accomodate any two of the above cameras on top of all the extra stuffs and still is very light to carry for a whole day.

– Kindle

– 1 roll of film

– HTC ChaCha with 5MP camera

– PostIt and Pen

– Personal Business Cards, good ice breaker during the street shooting.

– USB stick

– Extra batteries for X100 and OM10

– X100 Lens hood

– Cleaning clothe

– Memory card holder

– Palmer’s Cocoa Lip Balm. It tastes good and works good.

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Thanks for reading and happy shooting.


Scott Kim

Thanks for sharing your bag and your thoughts with us Scott. It is great to hear about your journey to be using your cameras.
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