In your bag 284, Dale Rothenberg
Pure and simple description today. Dale keeps a very neat and tidy bag, very utilitarian. Everything that you need to go and shoot. Come and have a look.

Hi, my name is Dale and I’m from the east coast and midwest region of the United States. I’m packing for a trip so I thought I would share what’s in my bag.

The bag is a Think Tank Retrospective 7, which I love so far. It’s very flexible with what it can hold. I’m carrying:

-Mamiya 7 and 80mm f/4

-Bronica SQ-A and 65mm f/4 (sometimes 80mm f/2.8)

-Fuji X100

-Olympus Stylus Epic

-Light meter

-Cable release

-A bunch of film, mostly Portra 400 in 220 (because I develop it all by hand, and 220 film will take me half as long as 120)

-Chargers, batteries, etc

-A mini moleskin and a flat mechanical pencil, for notes and stuff

I shoot mostly landscape stuff, I dunno, the work speaks for itself. I have a website, tumblr, and flickr:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Dale. I love the layout and that fact that you showed us that you could actually fit all of this onto one bag.
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