In your bag 281, Nathan Mathos
What a great bag I have for you today. A polaroid heavy bag with a lovely set of cameras inside. Nathan has a very nice set up going on and an interesting theory about the i-phone. Come and have a look.

My name is Nathan Matos I am (recently) 25 and living in (sometimes) beautiful Portland, OR. I like many others got the photo bug in high school when I took my first wet darkroom photography class. After that I proceeded to get a dSLR and shoot away. But it wasn’t until I was 19 that I started getting into film and the many varieties of format that it offers. The past 1 and a half years have been very Polaroid-centric as I shoot one a day for my 365 project

The bag itself is an older Billingham I found at an estate sale for $20. It is an earlier version of the 335.


Leica M6 – In 2011 I sold off my digital gear and bought this. I haven’t regretted it one bit. The lens it carries is a Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm 2.5. I know many people would shrug off using a “lesser” lens on a Leica. But I suppose I am backwards. I love the rangefinder, and the Bessa body I had prior to this wasn’t up to snuff. I needed a camera that felt great in use and would last me forever more than I needed a few more lines p/mm resolution and slightly sharper corners.

NPC 195 – A more recent purchase. It’s not something I would have normally bought but the price was too good to say no to. It has the factory Tominon 114mm 4.8 lens that is stunning. It is great using FP3000B as a 3000 speed film opposed to a 100 speed film like with the standard Land cameras.

SX70 – The SX70 has to be one of my favorite cameras ever crafted. The thought that went into it is stunning, and it shows in the faces of people who see it open for the first time. This model has a set of skins made by Walnut Studiolo for me. I love how they look on the camera and get many compliments for it.

500C/M – I was against medium format for some time. I like the freedom 35mm provided in terms of size, convenience, and speed. But after playing with a friends 500C/M I realized that the Hasselblad wasn’t as cumbersome as I thought and happily added my own to my bag.

I also will always have my Moleskine notebook and Micron 02 pen with me. For notes, sketches, and whatever else I see fit. Perhaps I am a Luddite but the thought of note-taking on my iPhone is confusing to me.

The iPhone is there because I’m convinced it is the greatest thing to happen to film photography since Tri-X. It is my light meter, developing timer, pinhole calculator, and go-to price guide when I am looking for good deals on gear.

Last but not least, since I can often be seen riding my bike to shoot I like to carry my tire removal tools with me just in case I get a flat.

I can be found around the web at:

Thanks for sharing your awesome bag with us Nate. I love seeing land cameras in peoples bags. This is a great set up.
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