In your bag No: 1701 – Fabian Wolf

Fabian’s got all the essentials covered for a nice day out in this efficiently minimal setup

My name is Fabian Wolf. I’m a 38 year old artist, photographer and tattoo artist and based in Hamburg, Germany. Back in 2002 I started photographing with a Voigtländer Bessamatic and through the confusing digital years of Digicams and prehistoric DSLR’s I found myself buying dirt cheap vintage top-of-the-line cameras two years ago. Yes, the prices for vintage cameras in Germany were at the very bottom for people coming back to film photography – now, it’s the opposite story (Bellamy knows the game best). All the camera models I always wanted from my local camera shop back in the days became affordable, so I started buying all the hot stuff. I also repaired some old cameras and brought them back to life to resell them so I can buy more cameras to find the perfect one for me.

Photography is like a key to unknown places. I visited some places I would never see without the intention of taking photos. I am using photography as a link between my art and tattoos to complete my artistic work.

Deuter Contact backpack

It takes a lot of stuff.

Minolta X500 with Motor Drive 1 and Angle Finder V

When I was a child my neighbor had a Minolta X700 which was one of the high-tech cameras back in the 80s. His son and also my good friend still has Minolta gear, so it was an emotional decision to go with Minolta. Don’t forget that Minolta was one of the innovation drivers in the SLR history.

Rokkor 35mm f2.8

The Rokkor lenses are really sharp, have really good contrast and are solid built.

Canon Prima Auto Zoom

I got this one from my parents which they used on our trips in New York City, L.A. and London back in the 80s and 90s.

Nikon Nuvis S

APS is fun. But you have to spend some extra money for film development.

Red filter

The best for dramatic black and white photography. Go get some filters. They are fun.

Paper republic notebook with Pentel Sign Pen

I take notes whenever I want to remember the settings of my shootings.

Rollei Compact Traveler No.10

It’s my wifes tripod. It was my Christmas present to her. Thanks for using it baby.

AGFA APX 400, Kodak E100, Fujifilm Advanced Nexia 400

I like shooting in abandoned places, woods or parking garages. I would also put my Canon Powershot G1 in my bag if this would not be JCH. ;)

If you want to see my work this is the place to be:

Bellamy was always my inspiration in the film community.

Thanks Bellamy


I sold most of my camera gear and bought an Olympus OM-4 and some Zuiko lenses this year. A friend of mine said I have a gear acquisition syndrome, but I’m convinced by the results from the Zuiko lenses. If you think you should buy an OM-4ti to avoid the battery drain issue don’t. Switch the OM-4 to bulb mode. Voilà, the battery will not drain now.

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