In your bag No: 1697 – Gavin Bain

Gavin shares with us his daily bag with probably the best present anyone could get. Gavin is certainly a lucky man.

My name is Gavin Bain. I am a photographer from Townsville, Australia and below you will find what I carry in my bag with me everyday. I’ve been on a long journey over the last 10 years of buying/selling cameras to acquire a Leica. A Leica that I can die with. I get extremely inspired by the videos of Tony Vaccaro, 90+ years old still carrying his trusty Leica around his neck after all these years. Next year will be 10 years of dating my wife and 5 years of our marriage, so to celebrate my wife got me a Leica M6 and 2 lenses as an early present. I’m lucky right? She’s a great woman!
I started my rangefinder path with a Zorki 4 and I finally reached my milestone of owning a Leica and my camera purchases have ground to a halt now. I finally got my holy grail.
I heard John Free say in a video once to practice photography. I’ll paraphrase but he basically said professional athletes practice everyday, actors and musicians practice everyday. Why don’t photographers practice their craft? So I became a very firm believer in having a real camera with me every second of the day.
Whether I release the shutter or not, I carry a camera and practice pulling the camera to my eye, checking my exposure guesses etc. I want to be prepared and ready should a moment present itself. So I take my Leica everywhere. Either with a Voigtlander Ultron 28mm or a Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm. I also take an Olympus XA for the occasion I quickly duck out of the office and just want something to slip into my pocket instead of the Leica. I also try to pack a photo book to flick through when I get a spare moment to read it. In terms of subjects; I photograph everything but portraits. Although I don’t post everything to my Instagram.
Some other cameras I use are a Fujifilm X100F, a Minolta Autocord and I also carry a Google Pixel 5 although I never share any photographs taken with my phone.
Please remember to be kind to each other, this year has been a struggle for everybody whether it looks that way from the outside or not.
Thank you :)

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