In your bag No: 1696 – Brian Downey

In the first In your bag of 2021 we have Brian share his patched up bag and solid bit of health advice. Happy New Year everyone!

Hello everyone,

My name is Brian Downey and I live and work in Barrie Ontario Canada.

I drool over camera bags on line all the time but being from the family I am (see: Scottish roots) means I am cheaper than I am fashion aware.  Being a child of the 90’s means my binders and bags in high school were covered in stickers and patches.  If you asked my wife, my failure to grow up means this micro graffiti follows me into my 40’s.


The bag is an Army surplus “gem” repurposed with the addition of an Amazon padded insert and a myriad of patches that have been gifts from friends or bought as opportunity arose over the years (learn to sew people, its important!).  I have always thought that the stickered guitars of bands like Green Day and Rancid were awesome and so this translated into everything that I use in that same spirit.

Both cameras, the Minox 35 ML and the Canon A 1 with 50mm 1.8 were gifted from awesome people who are in the know of what I am about and care more about me then the $$$’s the cameras could have got off Ebay.

The Minox lives in the tiny hard case when not being used and the Sears (Yup) 28mm F2.8 lives in a cheap camera pouch that allows for me to treat them both a bit worse in the bag then maybe I should.  For the most part the Canon lives on the Peak Design strap.

The wallet was a father’s day gift and the Shades I can’t remember.

The EPI pen is for me an essential due to a mean Bee sting allergy.

The note pad belonged to my Father who was a Police Officer for 35 years (Ironically customized) and is there to help me remember what shots and settings I had on the HP5.

Not Pictured:


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