In your bag No: 1694 – Robert Youngson

Check out Rob’s meticulous layout of the necessities a pro likes to haul on his days off

My day job is as a unit stills photographer. This means I take the publicity photos on film sets. Shooting film posters, behind-the-scenes and whatever else the studio needs. It is a real privilege being able to do what I love for a living. For work I mainly shoot digital. (Nikon Z7/Z6/D5 & occasionally a hired Phase One)

This is my daily carry when I have things to do that aren’t related to photography.

I don’t usually carry a bag with me, but use the large pockets in my coat to carry what I consider my essential items. (The coat was gifted to me at the end of a shoot and I love that I can fit a 70-200mm F2.8 in the pocket should I ever need to)

From time to time I’ll swap out the film camera with my Nikon Z6 and a prime lens (usually the 24mm F1.4 Sigma Art) for example if going to a family gathering.

Shooting analogue is my way of staying in love with photography. My working day can often involve shooting 600-800 frames, then editing and uploading those, five days a week, away from home. It is shooting without a screen and without instant feedback that I love.

More and more I am bringing analogue photography back into my work, shooting a Hasselblad XPAN on set as well as digital. The extreme panoramic format lends itself perfectly to cinema. Portra 400 (pushed one stop) and HP5 (shot at speed) are my favourite stocks however recently I’ve used Kodak 500T cinema stock, processed by Kodak (due to the Remjet layer) and the results have been fantastic.

This is what I take with me for a day trip around a new city, or to a museum. Sometimes I swap out one of the film cameras for a Nikon Z6. Usually there’s a few crumpled receipts in there as well.

Here is my web portfolio:

I have a little blog on there as well, a few gear reviews and some stories from onset.

You can follow my work at @rob_youngson_photography

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