In your bag No: 1686 – Al Palmer

Al showcases his twin peaks of light capturing tools in this handsomely rugged carryall

I’m Al Palmer, I’m a photographer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom. I’ve made photographs since graduating in 2006. My work is most based around the idea of world building, and investigating the man-made landscape. I like to explore quiet and empty places and having a camera gives me an excuse to look at things closer for a longer period of time.

My cameras are the Mamiya 7II with an 80mm lens and a Fuji X100F, which has a fixed lens. I can’t think of much worse than fiddling around with a variety of lenses. I’ve never been much of a camera enthusiast, nor do I care about the film vs digital debate. A camera is just a tool to me, so I choose what I use based on what I’m shooting and where. That said, I’m quite particular about the handing and the design of the cameras I choose, if I find it difficult to use I won’t take photographs with it. The Mamiya 7II is the most comfortable camera I’ve ever used, it seems built for my hand and eye. Ten photographs on a roll of film means that some discipline is needed with regards to how much I photograph, and I certainly do my best work when I have  to work within limitations.

The contents of my bag

  • Mamiya 7II with 80mm lens (with a Hoya skylight 1A filter, a Domke gripper strap and a lens hood)
  • Fuji X100F (with lens hood and a thumb grip)
  • Fuji Pro400H 120 film
  • 2x Sandisk memory cards
  • Spare battery
  • Cleaning cloth (18% grey, not quite as useful as I imagined when buying it)
  • Notebook and pencil

The bag is an Ona Union Street. I’ve had it for around seven years now, it’s well worn in. It’s not particularly practical – having to release the clips and flip it open means that it wouldn’t be much use if I was reacting to fast moving subjects. Luckily I don’t shoot anything that moves so I have time to fumble around getting my camera out. It doesn’t scream camera bag and that works for me. And I really like how it looks. The most important thing in the bag (other than the cameras) is the notepad as I generally have insights into my photography as I’m working on it, rather than during the editing process.

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I also run Brown Owl Press, a small publisher of photobooks and zines:


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