In your bag No: 1685 – Kelly Wourms

Kelly has a sweet, simple solution for hand checking film when traveling with this slick setup

My name is Kelly Wourms and I’m a camera assistant based in Los Angeles. I travel quite a bit for work, and my bag is set up to explore on my days off. I’ve been shooting film continuously since starting with my dad’s Minolta X700 in 2013 (now my younger brother’s shooting with it!).

I’ve gone through a few bags, but the winner so far is the Niko Camera Backpack by Chrome. It’s got more than enough space for all my cameras and necessary AKS while being comfortable and easy to check through airport security. To mitigate fogging, I fill the black pouch with film and carabiner it to the outside of my bag, allowing me to detach easily for hand checks. The pouch was given to me by a camera operator I met on a job and has been invaluable (Alex makes them himself, The tripod on my bag is an old Gitzo once used by my grandfather, I added a quick release base plate a few years ago.

The camera that I’ve had longest out of this bunch is the Fuji Discovery. Picked up in a thrift store sometime around 2014, it’s been absolutely used and abused. Whenever I’m going out for a night on the town with friends or headed to a show it’s the only camera I’ll think to bring along. The images that I’m able to capture with it have continued to cement its place in whatever bag I’ve had.

The Hasselblad 500c with the 80mm f/2.8 I absolutely adore. It has gone all over the US and Europe with me in the past year and a half of owning it. Initially 6×6 was a really odd format for me to grasp, but I purchased the camera with the intent of challenging myself and it has been a real joy for me. I’m planning on purchasing a 60mm lens for it sometime soon.

I have a Canon FTb QL with a 35mm f/2 that I had brought with me everywhere but I recently upgraded to a Leica M5 with a Summicron 35mm f/2 V2. So far it’s been a blast to shoot, and a new challenge trying to shoot with a rangefinder. During quarantine I have been using the self timer extensively.

Portra 400 and Bergger Pancro 400 are my go to color/black and white films. They’re both easily manipulatable and relatively predictable. I have been trying out Acros II for long exposure (I like it, it’s just a bit expensive), and experimenting with Film Washi.

A big shoutout to JCH and everyone in the photography community.

I’m @floatingweeds_ on Instagram, I process/scan film as well so if you’re in the LA area don’t hesitate to reach out.

Be safe out there everybody!


Thanks for sending us your bag shot Kelly. My dad cam was also a Minolta X-700!

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