In your bag No: 1670 – Dirk Marwede

Dirk works on his double exposure project with this double Leica setup everyday in the Northern German countryside.

Hello, I am Dirk Marwede and I live in the northern part of Germany. I take photos for more than 15 years and my photography is not bound to any specific genre. I love to document everything which attracts my attention.
In my professional life I am a radiologist and maybe this is the reason I like b&w images a lot. Some years ago, I started to work in series and essays, color and b&w, and most importantly, I try to print most of my work.
In fact, I have restarted to do film photography two years ago. The photo shows what I leave behind in the morning (the three beloved, one does not like being photographed), the gear I take with me, and the results I get back.
I live in the city centre of a larger city in Germany and work in the countryside. I commute every day by car, train or bike to work and get back later in the evening. So currently I am working on a double exposure project to capture those two realities and living spaces around me, the countryside and the city life, in one frame.
The Leica rangefinders are not perfect companions for double exposures as I have to fill the whole roll first and then restart with the second exposure. For this reason I have a sketchbook with me to number and draw the compositions I made. Exact overlap of the frames is sometimes a problem, but I have found some ways to get around it.
For this project I have with me:
• Compagnon Messenger
• Leica M7 (for the citylife shot)
• Leica M6 (for the countryside shot)
• Summicron 35mm f2
• Summicron 50mm f2
• Elmar 24mm f3.8 with an external viewfinder
• A sketchbook to draw compositions
• 5 rolls of  Kodak Ultramax 400
• two neutral density filter (6 and 10 stop)
• 3 batteries
Thanks for reading this and all the best for the JCH community!


Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Dirk. Interesting workaround workflow.

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