In your bag No: 1669 – Nigel Middleton

Nigel really puts the “old” in old school with this 100 year old setup in his daily bag.

How do I open it? What does this bit do? I can’t find any film this big so what can I use instead? Shooting 100 year old cameras often involves a lot of problem solving – but with a bit of ingenuity and creative thinking a solution can usually be found. I’ve been reviving and using old, often unwanted, cameras for a couple of years now and my current setup is mainly based around using paper negatives and hand cut film, which I then contact print from – easy to do if you can light proof a bathroom.

Here’s what’s in my bag:

  • No 3A Autographic Kodak Junior, c 1920  ‘Junior’ in name only! This large folding camera gives a whopping great three and a quarter inch by five and a half inch negative. It’s loaded with a single sheet of darkroom paper – whatever I can get cheaply, currently a box of Barclay grade 2 (date unknown).
  • Zeiss Ikon Suevia 24, c 1926 and 6 x 9 cm dark slide loaded with Ilford Ortho Plus. I’ve had no problems handling this film under red light, so I can cut single frames from a 120 roll as and when required.
  • Short shutter release cable
  • Watameter range finder.
  • Digital timer.
  • Notebook and pen – essential.  I don’t own an exposure meter so I’m compiling, and constantly modifying, a paper negative/ ISO 6 exposure chart.
  • Boots tripod c 1960

My bag is some kind of ex-military kit bag, well-made and comfortable to carry.

Retirement has meant that out of necessity I’m a budget photographer so car boot sales render most of my gear – bag 50p, tripod £1, rangefinder 50p, Mont Blanc fountain pen £1. However, I did splash out and got the two cameras separately in online auctions, which altogether cost me around £20. Both of them were in a non-functioning, distressed condition but now work fine.

I’ve submitted a black and white image of my bag to reflect the notion of thinking in monochrome, a key skill I’ve enjoyed developing. I really love the ‘single shot’ challenge of using these cameras. I like the idea of going out to take a photograph in a carefully chosen location that I might have been thinking about for a while, waiting for the conditions that’ll give me the best chance of success. And if things don’t work out … well, there’s always a next time!

You can see more of my work at

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Nigel. To quote Eminem, “if you had one shot…”

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