In your bag No: 1662 – Colin Wong

Colin checks back in to share his solution for the ideal manual bi-pedal commute.

Hello again, it’s Colin.

5 years later, still in San Francisco but with some updated gear/bag. After years of trying out different cameras, I’ve finally found a couple of keepers and a great bag as well.

Chrome Kovac sling bag: this has probably been the best bag I’ve used yet. It’s on the smaller side but I recently brought it with me on my first trip to Japan and it was perfect. I was able to carry both cameras with room to spare and it kept everything dry during the heavy rainfall from the typhoon. On a daily-use basis, the dedicated u-lock is great as well.

Giro Syntax MIPS: comfortable and keeps the head safe, had to upgrade due to the last helmet getting pooped on by a bird while commuting. Not easy to clean between the MIPS.

Sony RX-1R: similar to the X100 I was shooting with in the past, super sharp photos except with a full-frame sensor. Only regret was not waiting for the MkII with the built-in viewfinder. The external one works ok.

Contax T3: it is a joy shooting with this camera. It’s compact, it’s sharp, it fits in my pocket (some pants), it’s comfortable around the neck or shoulder, the pouch can attach to the outside strap of the sling bag, it’s great. This and the Hasselblad Xpan are by far the two most fun cameras I’ve shot with (still on the lookout for another Xpan).

JCH 35mm case: usually filled with Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford Super XP2 400.

Crankbrothers multi-bike-tool: good to have on the road, also good to have for swapping tripod-mounted camera strap between the two cameras.

Domke protective wraps: great for some extra padding in any bag/situation.

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