In your bag No: 1658 – Ralf Danylyschyn

Ralf sneaks in his minimal pack a nifty little gadget that helps him study and keep notes on his film taking journeys.

In your bag No: 1658 - Ralf Danylyschyn

My name is Ralf Danylyschyn. I am an engineer from southern Germany and the bag is a Kalahari. Thick and sturdy leather – it’s with me nearly every day. I’m trying to shoot some photos every day. And I thought that I could write down some notes about the location, film, maybe the aperture and so on. But that simply did not work.

A few weeks ago I saw the Canon Zoemini S. This gadget can shoot photos (not really good) and print them (much better). It really prints them, it’s not a chemical process like Polaroid or Instax. But these prints have an adhesive back and they are thin! So I got the idea to create a visual diary.

Shoot some photos with the phone (really better than the camera module of the Zoemini), print them, glue them in the notebook and write down some notes and thoughts. This is working. I’m curious what will be the outcome of this.

So what do I carry with me each day?

  • a black M6 with the half-case of a M4
  • a Summarit 50 mm f1.5
  • two film rolls (here a Kodak proimage and a Kosmo Foto)
  • the Zoemini S
  • a dotted Moleskin
  • my iPhone SE
  • a Kalahari L-14

It’s a light-weight pack with a cool lens. See some of my photos on Instagram @dan3y

Regards and keep up the good work



Thanks for sending us your bag shot Ralf. Cool idea for your notebook, I’ll have to check that out myself.

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