In your bag No: 1629 – Elijah Lane

Elijah doesn’t believe in bags so he’s already ready to pounce when roaming the streets stalking light.


My name is Elijah Lane; born and raised in central Kentucky. I solely shoot film and rarely shoot color. I really hate viewing myself as a photographer, and tend to see myself as more of a machine operator. My interest in taking photos began 12 years ago. I started getting into film development theory and the science behind it all. I bought a cheap Canon AE-1 and some darkroom equipment and started experimenting. This led to an obsession with film gear and film stocks, which is a place we all tend to visit at one point in time.
After repeatedly evaluating my gear and what I was doing photographically, I decided I wanted to minimize equipment. Easily but unfortunately enough, most of my stuff was stolen out of my car one night while parked downtown. Back to square one.
THE LEICA: After about a year of buying and flipping cameras, I took a $25 investment on an Olympus Pen and turned it into a Leica M6, which you see in the photo. I chose the M6 for a few reasons. I wanted a M mount Leica that was black. The M6 was the most affordable black M mount at the time I was in the market. The fact that they have a meter is nice, but I’ve used my memory for so long it wasn’t a big deal. A matching Gordy’s camera strap is fitted, along with the Zeiss Biogon 35mm F/2.8 which I’m happy with, but would like to upgrade to a 28mm of some kind soon.
THE OLYMPUS: Central Kentucky is a land of antique and peddler’s malls. I found the olympus stylus infinity at a booth with tons of old photos and travel brochures. Snagged it for $10, fully operational. Now I take it along on trips as a second camera which is usually operated by my girlfriend.
THE LAND CAMERA: Again, picked this one up at an antique mall. It’s nothing special being a 430 model, but I love it. It sucks that Fuji FP is phasing out now and prices are skyrocketing, but I’ve put a few packs through it and it was worth the money. I forget to focus it 80% of the time I take a shot.
THE REST: I never use bags and have my Leica strapped on me everywhere I go. The small Maxpedition pack is as close as I get to a bag. I keep some sharpies and chapstick inside, and the rest of the slots are filled with rolls of film. My keys and knife are also strapped on me anytime I leave the house. The Rhodia notebook I bring with me anytime I plan on shooting Fuji FP. It’s the perfect size to store the prints between the pages after they dry. I always keep the negative half as well and bleach later on.
As for film, Im a Kodak boy. I use to carry a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II for more intentional projects. I no longer have a medium format camera, and Vericolor is my favorite film of all time, so it lives in the freezer until I get another MF system. The old Tri-X and cinestill were picked up to experiment with. Tri-X and Tmax are pretty much the only stocks I shoot now days.
I like just walking around downtown and shooting. I have no photo friends locally, so I’m usually blindly roaming around town alone. I try to take photos in which its hard to determine what decade the scene happened in. There isn’t a lot that goes on though where I live so I’m heavily influenced by photographers like William Eggleston, who finds interesting scenes in the mundane, as well as other photographers from the 60s and 70s.
Thanks for the read. Give me a shout on instagram if you wanna talk film.

Thanks for sending us your “bag” shot Elijah. Your work is Eggeston-esque indeed!

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