In your bag No: 1623 – Martin

Martin finds analog and digital harmony in this minimal setup that perpetually accompanies him on the go.

My name is Martin and I am founder and editor of Photo/Foto Magazine – a relatively new online publication that seeks to provide a platform for emerging photographers.

I am a passionate advocate for photography and photographers, however, a few years ago, I began to notice that my own passion for taking photographs was diminishing. I put this down to the excessive number of hours that I had spent in front of a computer retouching images – it really sucked the life out of photography for me and turned it in to nothing more than a chore. Getting back to shooting film has turned this around for me; a return to something more simple, a reminder of why I love photography.

The renewed excitement that surrounds film photography just amazes me, particularly from newer photographers who have previously only shot digital. It is also great to see more and more film manufacturers getting behind this movement – it is just a shame that not all of the big manufacturers are willing to take a chance and see where this goes. I would like to hope that this resurgence lasts – I am not ready to relegate my film cameras to dust-collectors on a shelf.

I have quite a few cameras at home, both film and digital capture, however the cameras that I am sharing with you here are my everyday go-to’s:

The Fujifilm X100s is for those moments when I want to see the results quickly. I love how this little camera handles, the results are perfect for my needs and I think that Fujifilm really nailed the design with the X100 series. The Contax G1 I picked up on eBay before the prices started to skyrocket. Yeah, the LCD on top is a little hard to see and the autofocus takes some getting used to, but these details quickly fade away when you see what the Zeiss glass is capable of. I currently have the 28mm Biogon and the 90mm Sonnar and would love to eventually add the 45mm Planar.

My bag is a Filson Medium Field Bag fitted with an Ona Bags Roma insert and, like everything in my apartment, is covered in cat hair. I love the looks and build quality of Filson bags and adding in the Ona Bags insert makes it the perfect combination – some people may find it slow to access the cameras this way, but it works for me.

Over the years, I have experimented with many film stocks but am now deliberately limiting my choice of film to just one colour (Portra 400) and one B&W (Tri-X). Why? My thing is portraits and urban landscapes and I have had great results working with both of these films stocks. I may switch to other emulsions at some stage in the future but, for now, these will do nicely!

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Thanks for sending us your bag shot Martin. Can totally relate to your path back to shooting film again.

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