In your bag No: 1622 – Gavin Bain

Gavin’s settled (for now) on this selection for daily companionship after years on the gear carousel.

Hey JCH community! My name is Gavin Bain and I currently reside in Townsville, Australia. If you’ve never been, think of the hottest tropical climate you’ve visited and double that. Plus it NEVER rains, which is great if you love the beach, not so much if you grew up in moody Sydney like myself and prefer to shoot cityscapes. But alas, this is where I find myself!
I was introduced to photography at around 10 by my mother who gave me 2 Kodak disposable cameras to take on a school camp. I fiddled with cameras throughout the years but when I turned 17 I decided I wanted to take it seriously, and I couldn’t do that if I didn’t know how to use a camera manually so I purchased a Praktica MTL3 (which I later sold to buy a DSLR), and the bug bit; now I’m 25.
I’ve bought and sold a tonne of cameras over the years (inspired by JCH actually) but I’ve attached the bag contents that I’m really enjoying right now, although it does change constantly with other cameras I own.
Herschel Supply Co.
1964 Zorki 4 + Industar 50 3.5
Nikon TW Zoom

Fujifilm x100s

Ilford HP5
Kodak Ultramax 400 (usually pulled to 100/200)
Kodak Ektar (I live near a beach so it makes sense)
Fuji Superia Xtra 400
Samsung S9+ (I’m looking for a secondhand Sekonic)
My handle on Instagram is @gavinbain
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for sending us your bag shot Gavin. Amazing that Zorki is still kicking.

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