In your bag No: 1617 – Duncan Campbell 

Duncan handsomely lays out the lovely contents of the bag that accompanies him on the job.

I started in photography about 25 years ago with a Canon EOS500 but soon switched to Nikon shooting the life of Dog Handlers of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. This took me around the world into pretty austere and kinetic environments. Naturally, Nikon…built like a tank, was pretty good at the job but not as versatile as Leica. So here is what I now use most.

My trusty Leica M6 from 1994, bought second hand and recently reconditioned by Leica in Wetzlar. It now works, sounds and feels like new. The 50mm F2 Summicron is razor-sharp and unrivaled. It was made, before I was born, in 1970. Most of my images are shot on TriX 400 as it best represents reality…in the gritty, timeless manner as I need it to be.


The Leica M-E was an attempt to make the jump to digital Leica but the prohibitive pricing of digital Ms was not for me…hence the M-E was the only option. Coupled with a Zeiss Biogon 35mm F2 it does what I need it to do: record what is there…pin-sharp!
I don’t buy camera straps but make my own, this way they will be the exact length I want them to be. Additionally, I always refused to buy an expensive bag; until now…as I found that Billingham’s Hadley Pro is a good solution for two Leicas with lenses and the necessary bits’n bobs like passport, notebook, glasses and a wad of cash.
One thing I still do not own/use is a box/case to put my film rolls in. I always throw them in my bag, loose, exposed mixed with unexposed. Every time I can’t reach the right roll quickly I start swearing like a trooper. It’s become tradition to have a brief sense of humour failure when I need to change film on the job. (Note to ‘to-do-list’: get film box!) I’ve been slapped by my better half on many occasions.
Due to the nature of what I record, I can’t post everything online, but some of it can be found on Instagram: @duncan_colin_campbell
I am at a stage now where I would trade all my gear for just one Leica MP. Unfortunately they are traded at pretty high prices so not really viable for me at the moment. You show this very clearly as your work highlights how  much in demand they are. Let’s face it…it is a tool for me and a battered but functional one would do. One day…maybe…but that is one for another ‘in my bag’ submission.


I love what you do. It’s essential to keep film alive. Good on you and good luck for the future.
Best Regards

Thanks for sending us your bag shot again Duncan. You know where you can get a great film box right? ;)

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