In your bag No: 1616 – Christine Walter-Saxena

Don’t be fooled by the designer backpack, Christine stows all sorts of photographic goodies on a daily basis.

Hi, I am Christine and I was born in France, lived abroad for a few years and settled in London over 20 years ago. I shoot both digital and film, mainly in B&W. I was missing grain too much so I went back to shooting film a few months ago, this time focusing on medium format which I had never done before. I went out and splurged on a Holga, then a second one, and I just got a Yashica 124 G which I used for the first time last week. I am enjoying trying out different films and love the process of focusing on shooting and having to wait for a while before seeing the result.
I was looking for an elegant, light but strong bag which I can use to shoot, go to work with and go out. Longchamp had just what I was looking for (Le Foulonne backpack). I always carry my Leica in it, and now at least one Holga or the Yashica.
In the bag:
Leica M 240 bought second-hand with money saved for my pension (better return on my happiness), with an Artisan & Artist strap (it is light, flexible and takes little space).
Small Lowepro bag to protect my Leica at the bottom of the Longchamp bag. The bag also stores some extra cards, battery, filter, cleaning brush and microfiber cloth.
Yashica 124 G with an Angelo Pelle strap (not made specifically for a TLR but it works well with it, and is super soft and beautifully made).
Srixon meter which is old but still does the job, although I have to confess I often forget to use it and just follow my nose.
Japan Camera Hunter 120 film case (works a treat) and a couple of films I am currently trying out.
Two Holga: I love how people react when they see my electrical tape! The white tape indicates if a camera has an 100 ISO or a 400 ISO film in it (that way I always have one loaded with the “right” film for the occasion). The red tape simply says “cap off” – enough said!
Small bag which usually holds the tape, a bit of cash, and other bits and bobs. This small bag is a business class airline bag which someone gave me. I can only recommend to befriend someone who travels regularly business class for work: each airline gives out a small bag with toothbrush, socks etc and these bags are brilliant.
Leuchtturm small notebook and pencil case. These notebooks have roughly 60 numbered pages, a table of contents at the front and come in different colours. I often take notes (book recommendations, people I meet, ideas etc.) but I don’t want to carry a heavy notebook. I usually need a new notebook every three months and the table of contents at the beginning of each notebook allows me to quickly find again a reference in previous notebooks.
Oyster card, The Photographers’ Gallery and Tate membership cards (I spend a lot of time in them), a Paris metro ticket (always ready to go to Paris).
Card wallet – it holds 5 cards and inside I just carry a couple of £ and Euro notes as back up.
A folded shopping bag.
A scarf and lipstick (I am French after all!).
You can find me on the internet @christinewaltersaxena on Instagram and on
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Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Christine. A very well equipped pack indeed.

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