In your bag No: 1613 – Kevin Provost

I love how a DP’s bag is always so practical and well-thought out and Kevin doesn’t prove me wrong.

Hey guys,

My name is Kevin, I’m a freelance television camera operator. Luckily my job takes me all over the world and a couple of years ago I started documenting my travels on 35mm. I’ve always had an interest in photography, I grew up shooting 35mm, went to college and graduated to Medium format. Once I started working in NYC, I moved on to a Canon 5Diii. After years of that I missed film and I’ve now gone back to 35mm and Medium format.

I have a number of different cameras and bags, but I thought I would share the set up I just used on my latest photo trip through New England.

The Bag: I just got this Domke f-2. I’ve had a ton of bags over the years and I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get to this work horse bag. It’s a classic for a reason. After only using it for a week, I love it. The flexibility makes it really comfy. It’s not too deep, which is something that’s always bugged me about other bags, I don’t wanna have to dig around for stuff!  There’s no bells and whistles, no specially designed pockets. What’s here works and doesn’t need any flash. Plus the size of the side pockets makes it perfect for extra film backs.

The Camera: A classic bag for a classic camera. Another example of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” the Mamiya RB67. I’ve had this tank for about 12 years; it’s my old reliable.  I’ve recently added the prism finder just to cut down on the outside sun glare. I usually just carry the 65mm and 90mm, but the 180mm is so beautiful, I can’t help but bring that too.   

Other stuff in the bag:

Sekonic light meter: there’s no electronics in the RB67, so this is a must. I keep a grey card cause there’s a spot meter as well.

Film Back: I keep one extra film back in the side pocket. I’m usually shooting Kodak Portra 400, so I keep a roll of 800 in the film back in case I get into a dark area.

GR1:  I keep this point and shoot handy for quick stuff or if I have to be a little more discreet

Field Notes: I love these notebooks; It’s just the right size.  Fits in the front pocket of the bag. I also use a fisher space pen. I started using these years ago. You can write upside down and the ink is waterproof. Which seems like a useless quality until I realized you could write on photo paper your chemical development notes and when it goes in the bath it doesn’t wash off!  Plus it fits in your well.

Thanks for checking out the bag!  I post all my stuff on instagram, check it out @kevinprovost  –  I’m working on some projects right now I’m really excited to share soon!!

Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Kevin. I definitely subscribe to “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

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