In your bag No: 1593 – Andrew Ang

I double dare you to see Andrew on the streets snapping away with this and not look twice.

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. Over the years I’ve had a number of jobs, but right now I am working for our family agriculture business. Photography has been my constant interest ever since college, and over the years I have acquired several cameras, including a Nikon F3P (Press version) which I love dearly. I currently use a Nikon D700 with various zoom lenses, and just recently added a Fuji X-Pro2 with a couple of primes.

But my submission today is none of the above, instead I’m showing you another camera which I bought in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2017. It is made by a company called PaperShoot, basically it combines digital capture with lomo-like sensibilities.

The camera (on the lower right) is essentially a small circuit board, with unique interchangeable outer covers made of hard paperboard, wood, or even metal. The company has quite a lot of interesting designs for their paperboard covers. It is powered by two AA batteries, and takes 5MP jpegs with a choice of 4 “films” – colour, b&w, warm, and cool – via a switch on the back. You can see the viewfinder cutout, but there is no LCD display at all, so you can’t really see your pictures until they are transferred to a computer.

Mine has a cypress wood cover with custom engraving, and then my lovely wife made me a one-of-a-kind wrist strap from paracord for Christmas. As a final touch, I glued a silicon cabinet bumper on the shutter, to function as a soft release.

The bag is one of those that you get from airlines (it used to hold an eyemask and tube socks). I found the tiny black bag in the used bin at my local camera store, and it holds extra AA batteries. As you can see, the PaperShoot is no bigger than my iPhone, and everything fits into a jacket pocket.

The other gear picture shows you what comes with a PaperShoot kit: two accessory lenses (wide-angle and fisheye) that attach magnetically to the metal ring around the camera lens, and a nice wooden box to store everything.

I mostly just take home pictures, so no Instagram or personal websites to give you, but I’ve attached a photo taken with the PaperShoot to show you. Thanks for reading!

Andrew Ang

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

PS no it is not April Fool’s

PPS there is no option to set time and date on the camera, so the jpegs say they were shot in 2013, instead of 2018..

Thanks for sending us your bag/pocket shot Andrew. Ah, the irony of inconvenient digital…

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